NCGA Policy Being Formed This Week

Several organizations are meeting in St. Louis to set policy proposals for Corn Congress.

Published on: Jan 15, 2010

The process for establishing policy for the National Corn Growers Association is beginning this week in St. Louis.  The Priority and Policy Conference includes discussion of proposed organizational policy changes by state grower leaders. Leaders of the U.S. Grains Council are also attending this week's events, which include a joint collaboration meeting of the NCGA and USGC boards of directors.


After debate, the proposed additions or changes to NCGA policy will be voted on as non-binding recommendations for the Corn Congress, which includes 127 state delegates who will next meet in early March, at Commodity Classic.


NCGA First Vice President Bart Schott oversees the resolution process. He notes there are some recurring themes. Schott called them a concentration of policy proposals related to ethanol, climate change and increasingly burdensome environmental regulations.