NCGA Announces Mississippi Corn Yield Winner

Mississippi man takes top honors with Garst brand 8288. Compiled by staff

Published on: Feb 2, 2005

Kenneth Oswalt of Plantersville, Miss., placed first in the ridge till non-irrigated division of the 2004 National Corn Growers Association’s (NCGA) State Corn Yield Contest in Mississippi. Oswalt placed first in the division with Garst brand 8288, a 116 general relative maturity (GRM) corn hybrid that yielded 224.5 bushels per acre.

Oswalt planted his corn with an eight-row planter on April 13 in 30-inch rows and 30,000 plants per acre. The field was previously planted to soybeans. He applied 240 pounds of nitrogen, 129 pounds of phosphorus and 130 pounds of potash. Oswalt applied his nitrogen pre-plant in the spring. He harvested his corn on September 4.

The NCGA Corn Yield Contest is an annual national competition among corn producers with the goal of producing the highest yields. There were six production categories that growers could enter.

"We’re pleased to see growers who planted Garst seed do so well in this national yield competition," says Jeff Sernett, corn product manager for the Garst Seed Company in Slater, Iowa. "We know the participants and all growers invest a great deal of time and effort in planning, selecting seed and managing their crop throughout the year. Garst will continue to focus on delivering solid genetics and technical expertise to help farmers select the right hybrids and varieties that will allow them to maximize their yields."