NCBA Pleased with USDA Veal Investigation Completion

Cattle group says no scientific basis for continued beef ban.

Published on: Feb 21, 2006

National Cattlemen's Beef Association vice president of government affairs Jay Truitt says NCBA is hopeful a decision by the Japanese government to lift the ban on U.S. beef will be forthcoming with Friday's release of a report detailing the situation surrounding the ineligible beef shipment that violated Japan-U.S. trade protocol on Jan. 20.

"As indicated in the USDA report, the ineligible veal shipment never represented a food safety concern, but rather a technical violation resulting from human error," says Truitt. "USDA is taking action to ensure proper personnel have a clear understanding of which products are eligible for shipment to Japan, so that export protocols are strictly followed in the future."

Truitt reaffirmed the world that there is increasing evidence that the U.S. system is highly effective against the spread of BSE, testing over 600,000 targeted animals and finding only one confirmed domestic case.  

"The world's leading scientists, medical professionals and government officials agree that BSE is not a public health risk in the United States, and there simply is no science-based reason for a continued ban on U.S. beef products," he says.