NC+ Name Will be Discontinued

Seed products will fall under Channel brand.

Published on: Sep 24, 2009
Three seed companies, including Nebraska-based NC+ Hybrids, will become Channel brand seed in 2010.

The three - NC+ Hybrids, Midwest Seed Genetics and Crow's Hybrids - are now regional seed company's with Channel Bio Corp., an independent operating company owned by Monsanto.

The three companies are expected to be fully migrated into the new Channel brand by next summer, says Jim Zimmer, Channel Bio's chief executive officer.

"The legacy of our three strong regional brands will be preserved in Channel, including their extensive offerings of hybrids and varieties," he adds. "It will enable Channel to simplify and streamline our business and more efficiently manage our product lineup."

Zimmer says that a single, premier brand also means that Channel will have more resources and capabilities than the three regional brands could provide separately. "The Channel brand will be elevated in the marketplace and has the opportunity to become one of the industry's top tier seed brands," he says.

For the 2010 season, all Channel products with Monsanto's Genuity traits (SmartStax corn, VT Triple PRO corn and Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans) will be delivered in Channel bags. Channel products without the Genuity traits will be delivered in legacy brand (NC+, Crow's or Midwest Seed Genetics) bags for 2010 planting.

Then, beginning with the 2011 season, all products will be delivered under the Channel brand.

Channel is a brand of Channel Bio Corp. For additional information, go to

Zimmer says Channel will close its Hastings office. All Channel's west region customer service personnel are now located in the Lincoln office.

The west region, in addition to Nebraska, includes North Dakota, South Dakota, eastern Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.

Zimmer says that Channel has expanded the number of district sales managers and technical sales agronomists in the west region.