NC Cotton Up, Corn Down

Some winners, some losers in N.C. August farm report.

Published on: Sep 29, 2011

Forecasts for farm production are mixed for North Carolina farmers according to the latest statistics from the N.C. Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, released August 26. Readers should note that the effects of Hurricane Irene and other weather conditions could alter final forecasts, however.

Some highlights noted by the report include a forecast of 640,000 acres of winter wheat in the state in 2011, up from 380,000 acres in 2010. Production is estimated at 42.5 million bushels of winter wheat in 2011, compared to 14 million bushels produced in 2010. That is an increase of 210%.

Cotton is forecast to be up 37% this year, compared to 2010. The report notes 755,000 acres of cotton will be harvested in the state this year, up from 545,000 acres in 2010.  Yield is expected to be 826 pounds per acre, down slightly from the 838 pound per acre produced in 2010. Production is forecast at 1.3 million bales this year, compared to 2010's 951,000 bales.

Corn for grain production is forecast to be down by 12% in 2011, when compared to 2010. There will be 830,000 acres harvested this year, down from 840,000 acres in 2010 and yield is expected to be down to 81 bu. per acre, down fro 91 bu/acre in 2010.

Grape production, at 5,800 tons, is forecast to be up 12% in 2011 compared to 2010.

Peach production is forecast to be 5,000 tons in the Tarheel State, down 9% from 2010.

Apple production is expected to total 131 million pounds, down 4% from 2010.

Soybean production is also expected to come in at lower levels than 2010, with production at 37.5 million bushels. That is down 7% from the year before.

Flue-cured tobacco is forecast to be up in 2011. The report puts harvested flue-cured acres at 172,000 acres. That is up from 166,000 acres harvested in the state in 2010. Yield is expected to be up to 2,150 pounds per acre, compared to 2,100 pounds per acre in 2010. That forecast harvest, dated August 1, is considerably lowered from the July 1 forecast harvest of 2,300 pounds per acre, however.

Peanut production is expected to be up by 4% in 2011. Harvested acreage is down considerably, to 76,000 acres in 2011 compared to 86,000 acres in 2010. Yield is forecast to be 3,300 pounds per acre, however, up from 2,800 pounds per acre in 2010. That puts forecast production 2.5 million pounds, up from 24 million pounds in 2010.

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