Nationwide Agribusiness Offers Customized Insurance Product

PremierAg allows large farm operators to pay for only the insurance coverages they need. Compiled by staff

Published on: Aug 31, 2005

At the 2005 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, Nationwide Agribusiness formally launched its newest insurance product, PremierAg. This product is especially designed to provide flexible, customized protection for larger farm operations.

By design, it allows large farm operators to pay for only the insurance coverages they need and select, helping to hold down costs while providing specialized coverages to protect larger operations, including commercial storage and processing operations. 

"Nationwide Agribusiness has long understood the insurance needs of the American farmer/rancher through its 97-year history of insuring these operations as well as its association with trusted agricultural organizations ­ state farm bureaus and others ­ throughout the country," says Brett Harman, Nationwide Agribusiness President and Chief Operating Officer. "Specific insurance products have been developed to meet the needs of the small and medium-sized farm/ranch. We are pleased to now extend this expertise and level of service to the larger farm/ranch."

PremierAg provides the convenience of one property policy written by one insurer that can apply to owner-occupied dwellings, tenant dwellings, farm and agribusiness property, as well as to storage or processing facilities ­ all in one insurance product. It offers coverages for property, including unique coverage for business income; inland marine; crime exposures; commercial general liability, including personal liability; business auto; and commercial umbrella, including personal umbrella.

"We know farming, plain and simple," says Brad Snyder, Nationwide Agribusiness Director of Marketing. "This is what we do, what we’ve always specialized in. We have the expertise to help large farm operations understand their risks and control losses, and we’re known in the market for our fast and fair claims handling. This expansion of insurance products to larger farm operations just makes sense for us."

Together with its affiliated companies, Nationwide Insurance and Allied Insurance, Nationwide Agribusiness is the largest farmowners insurance writer in the country.