National Ground Water Awareness Week Planned

Water wells should be tested annually.

Published on: Feb 19, 2010

National Ground Water Awareness Week is coming up March 7-13 and producers should schedule an annual water well checkup. Ground water is vitally important to farms and ranches for irrigation and 96% of rural Americans depend on ground water for their water supply.


National Ground Water Awareness Week is sponsored annually by the National Ground Water Association. The organization is urging every household well owner to check his or her well cap to make sure it is in good condition to protect the water supply from contamination. Even if your well cap fits tightly on your well and your water tastes fine, NGWA says the water well system should be given a checkup by a contractor every year. Having your well tested is the surest way to determine that the water is safe.


John Pitz, CPI and a member of NGWA's national board of directors says a damaged or unsecured well cap can allow the entry of bacteria or other contaminants into the well. It is one of the easiest things to check, and a well owner can do it. Still owners should always use a qualified water well systems contractor who knows applicable well construction codes. If the well cap is damaged or unsecured, the water well contractor may also need to test the water and disinfect the well.