Mycogen Seeds Debuts New Quad-Stack Corn Hybrid

Stacked hybrid combine Herculex RW Rootworm Protection and Herculex I Insect Protection along with herbicide resistance of RR and LibertyLink technology. Compiled by staff           

Published on: Feb 2, 2006

Mycogen Seeds, a retail seed company of Dow AgroSciences, launched its first Quad-Stack corn hybrid which includes the in-plant insect protection of Herculex XTRA – combining the protection of Herculex RW Rootworm Protection and Herculex I Insect Protection ­â€“ along with the herbicide resistance of Roundup Ready and LibertyLink technology, making it resistant to over-the-top applications of Roundup and LIBERTY herbicides.

This new Quad-Stack grain corn hybrid, 2P788, is a 115-day hybrid that features Herculex XTRA, which protects against corn rootworm, first- and second-generation European corn borer, black cutworm, fall armyworm, western bean cutworm, southwestern corn borer, lesser cornstalk borer, southern corn stalk borer, sugarcane borer and intermediate suppression of corn earworm. For maximum weed management options, 2P788 also includes LibertyLink and Roundup Ready technology.

A medium-tall hybrid, 2P788 features excellent emergence, drought tolerance and ear retention, along with very good standability and staygreen. 2P788 also offers excellent yield stability across a wide range of environments.

In addition to this recent Quad-Stack hybrid, Mycogen Seeds also offers growers 2P782, a triple-stacked hybrid that combines the broad-spectrum insect protection of Herculex I with Roundup Ready and LibertyLink technology. This hybrid has shown competitive yields across a wide range of environments and offers an outstanding agronomic package that includes excellent emergence, drought tolerance, standability and very good staygreen.