Moyer Is New Washington State Ag Research Center Chief

Also serves as associate dean of research.

Published on: Mar 28, 2013

James Moyer wants to build collaboration and cooperation with industry to advance work at the Washington research centers he will head up beginning in May.

That's when he takes over as Washington State University Agricultural Research Center director, and launches into aiding leadership of the WSU College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resources Sciences as associate dean.

"Meanwhile, I will be learning the priorities of my new position in terms of what the commodity groups and others are looking for from the university," he says. "Working on strategies to increase competitiveness and attracting federal funding will be more important than ever in the future"

(2)	Washington research stations like this one will be under the leadership of  WSUs new research center chief James Moyer in May.
(2) Washington research stations like this one will be under the leadership of WSU's new research center chief James Moyer in May.

More of the grant programs providing funding for research are requiring matching funds, he explains, a role that industry must recognize.

But he is already reassured that  those collaborative affiliations will unfold in Washington, after viewing the heavy contributions the fruit and beef industries have assigned to WSU research.

"One of the things that attracted me to this job is the progressive support and strategies from commodity groups like the wheat growers and others, which is the envy of many other states," says Moyer.

James Moyer
James Moyer

"But we must also remember that there are ways for  industry to support research other than   through funding," he adds. "Farmers and ranchers who allow us to use their land for research is a great example of collaboration and cooperation."

"Jim brings more than 30 years of professional experience as a plant science researcher to   the position," notes Dan Bernardo, CAHNRS dean.

Moyer –well known as a plant pathologist – is a past president of the American Phytopathological Society and a recipient of the USDA ARS Morrison Medal, as well as the Alex Laurie Award from the national floral crop industry for his research contributions.

Moyer replaces Ralph Cavalieri, WSU's associate vice president for alternative energy and director of a large, regional biofuels research and development project, the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance.