Most Prices For Farm Products Remain Up In August

Overall, August prices 1.1% higher than the previous month.

Published on: Oct 5, 2011

Prices paid to farmers for many crops, including prices for crops that are important in the Carolina-Virginia farming region, were up in August. That is according to the latest Agricultural Prices report, released August 31, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

In August overall prices to farmers in August increased by 1.1% compared to July, according to the preliminary All Farm Products Index. The index compares today's prices with prices in the 1990-1992 period. The August prices are 182% more than crops during that time period. Crops were up 1% from July; livestock prices were up 1.9%.

The All Farm Products Index is up 29% from August 2010. Food commodities were up 22% in the August 31 report, compared to the same period in 2010.

Prices for wheat, corn and eggs, all important to Carolina-Virginia producers, were also up compared to the previous month.  Prices paid to farmers for lettuce and soybeans were down.

The price of cotton was up 5.3% in August compared to July, and 9.4% above the same period last year.

Note that although the soybean price was down 2.5% from July it was still 30% higher than in August 2010.

The price for commercial vegetables is down 3.2% in the August index when compared to July, but that price is 1.3% above August 2010.

The index rice for meat animals was unchanged in August, compared to July, but 19% higher than in August 2010. Hog prices were up $5 in August over July and $15.40 higher than August 2010.

The price for beef cattle was down by $1 compared to July, but that price is $16.50 higher than August 2010.

The price for dairy products in August was unchanged in the index compared to July, but that price is 31% more than August 2010. The August all milk price of $22.00 per cwt. is up 10 cents from last month and $5.30 per cwt. above August 2010.

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