More Weed Information on UNL Web Site

Find product listing, labels and research updates.

Published on: Oct 16, 2008

Do you want to have a weed expert on tap 24/7? Go to the University of Nebraska Extension weed science Web site. It's always open and only a mouse click away at:

Once there, you can find tables of the most effective herbicides to use on any given weed, says Lowell Sandell, UNL Extension weed scientist. He helped build the Web site's content.

The site offers additional information, including:

All the herbicides in a particular class such as pre- or post-emergence products to use for almost any crop in Nebraska.

A current topics area.

Links to UNL's Crop Watch and other information sites.

Results of weed science research in Nebraska.

Herbicide label information.

A directory of experts to call, plus gain access to weed science Extension publications or other UNL and Agronomy Department sites.

College level and Extension weed science classes and training sessions.

Links to sprayer nozzle manufacturers, too.

The site is still a work in progress. In time, Sandell hopes to add recommended spray rates and more weed identification information.