More Funding Could Improve Rural Communities

Vilsack announces increased funding for rural healthcare, distance learning.

Published on: Jun 8, 2012

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced funding June 6th for 52 distance learning and telemedicine projects that will increase access to health care and enhance educational opportunities in 29 states.

"Our rural communities need access to the latest educational and health care services to compete in the 21st Century," Vilsack said." The funding for the Distance Learning and Telemedicine program will help ensure that rural citizens receive the same high-level, specialized medical care and educational services as enjoyed by their fellow citizens in urban areas."

New funding will benefit healthcare and distance learning in rural communities.
New funding will benefit healthcare and distance learning in rural communities.

The projects total $14 million and include 19 distance learning projects, 32 telemedicine projects and one combined project.

Some examples of the projects awarded funding include:

Better health care services for rural Virginia: A $149,094 grant to the Appalachian College of Pharmacy will enable health officials to team up with a rural hospital, health care providers and local pharmacies to offer more efficient, consistent and reliable delivery of healthcare for patients with chronic conditions.

Saving rural Wisconsin residents time and money: A $446,735 grant to Dean Health Systems in Madison will enable residents of seven counties in rural Wisconsin to use 12 telemedicine sites that will save nearly 13,000 hours of travel time, $302,940 in travel costs and prevent $448,272 in lost wages.

Opening up the world to school children in rural Colorado: The Northeast Colorado Board of Cooperative Educational Services is receiving a $271,774 grant to purchase distance learning equipment that 12 school districts will use to share classes interactively.

For a complete list of the DLT awards, please click here.