Milking System Guards Against Mastitis

GEA Farm Technologies introduces new system – an automated teat dipping and backflushing milking unit.

Published on: Nov 14, 2012
GEA Farm Technologies brings dairy producers a modern solution for better mastitis control and improved milk quality with the introduction of the Apollo MilkSystem.
Apollo utilizes extremely innovative technology to automatically dispense teat dip from within the milking unit, just prior to removal, to ensure post-dipping is performed completely and consistently. After removal, a sanitizing backflush solution neutralizes any remaining bacteria in the milking unit before it is attached to the next cow.
"The Apollo MilkSystem offers dairy producers the next level of technology in terms of further automating the conventional milking process," says Steve Pretz, GEA Farm Technologies U.S. National Sales Manager for Milking and Cooling products. "Apollo is also the only automatic dipping system on the market that is AMDERC approved, and therefore State Inspector accepted. At GEA Farm Technologies, we take great pride in always putting milk quality and milk safety first, and we are the only company to go the extra mile to achieve the proper approvals by milking equipment regulatory agencies on technology of this nature."
Milking System Guards Against Mastitis
Milking System Guards Against Mastitis
The Apollo MilkSystem makes certain milk is harvested safely through its patent-pending separation technology. A safety valve, constructed of tough Radel material, guarantees milk and teat dip always remain in separate channels, safeguarding the purity of the milk supply. The "Block-Bleed-Block" shut-off design provides redundant safety that producers can rely on.
The unique geometry of the liner dome ensures that equal amounts of dip are distributed around each teat for complete coverage and protection – milking to milking. The Apollo MilkSystem replaces dip cups that can become heavily soiled and potentially transfer mastitis-causing bacteria between cows or it replaces automatic post-dip spray systems that rarely provide dip coverage to all sides of the teat. Plus, by automating the post-dipping process, dairy producers can reduce labor required in the parlor, improve milking procedure efficiencies.
The Apollo MilkSytem is integrated into the IQ Milking Unit, a unique, four chamber milking unit that features a vacuum control system that blocks air flow just prior to unit attachment (or if the unit is kicked-off) which means manure, bedding, or other contaminants are not sucked into the milk line.
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