Michigan Vegetable Crop Progressing Nicely

Michigan's asparagus production up 11%.

Published on: Sep 11, 2006

Warm weather later in the summer advanced growth and development in vegetable crops, according to the USDA, NASS, Michigan Field Office. Crops progressed and developed on par to somewhat ahead of normal across the state.

The estimated production of processing snap beans increased 14% to 71,200 tons. Yield was four tons per acre, up from 2.81 in 2005. Snap beans looked good going into harvest. Little disease or insect pressure was reported. Wet conditions and periods of high temperatures adversely affected harvest progress in some areas.

Michigan's asparagus production totaled 257,000 hundredweight (cwt), up 11%. The area harvested for fresh market and processing was 11,700 acres, down 500 acres from 2005. Yield, at 22 cwt per acre, was up 3 cwt per acre from a year ago.

Total value of Michigan's asparagus production was $14.87 million, up 24% from 2005. Asparagus emerged from the winter in decent condition. Harvest began on a limited basis in late April and picked up rapidly in the first part of May; however, sporadic frosts caused harvest delays and crop damage in some areas, resulting in some of the crop being diverted from fresh market to processing venues. Cold temperatures and rain starting in the middle of the month slowed harvest. More seasonable temperatures during the latter part of May allowed the harvest to proceed at a much more rapid pace.

Harvest continued somewhat later into June than normal, helping to increase yields. Some disease and insect pressure was reported in the late season portion of the crop.

Nationally, the 2006 contracted processing vegetable production for the four major processing crops (snap beans, sweet corn, green peas, and tomatoes) is forecast at 14.7 million tons, up 2% from last year's comparable states. Production of processing tomatoes, at 10.5 million tons, is 5% above comparable States in 2005. Snap bean production, at 768,070 tons, is down 5% from last year's comparable States' production. Sweet corn production, at 3.03 million tons, is down 4% from last year, and green pea production, at 416,890 tons, is 10% above 2005. Contracted acreage for harvest of the four major processing vegetable crops, at 1.09 million acres, is 1% below comparable States in 2005.