Michigan, Indiana Holstein Associations Host Spring Sales

110 cataloged lots offered March 23 in East Lansing.

Published on: Mar 13, 2007

The Michigan and Indiana Holstein Associations are joining forces to sponsor the 2007 Spring Foundation Sale March 23 at the Michigan State University Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education in East Lansing. This is the second year for the jointly sponsored sale. This year's sale is managed by CanAm Sales Management, Inc.

Consignments in this year's sale will meet the needs of both commercial dairymen and those looking to add a high-end pedigreed animal to their herd. There are 110 cataloged lots.

Jason Lamoreaux, CanAm sales manager, says that this year's sale lineup will meet the needs of the most discriminating buyers. Consignments will sell from several top cow families, including lots from the "Elegance," "Roxy," "Lustre" and "Blackrose" cow families. Heifers from national production leaders will sell as will cows with over +1800 CTPI and Excellent-scored mammary systems and picks of flushes from Excellent 94-point cows. Several Red and White Holstein animals will also sell.

"There is really something for everyone," Lamoreaux says. "The sale includes first lactation cows milking up to 132 pounds per day, a large selection of bred heifers from top sires and high profile families and several Red and White Holsteins. This sale truly features the "best from the Midwest."

Also scheduled on March 23 is the Spring Foundation Silent Edition Sale. The sale will run from 5 to 8 p.m., concluding with a live bid-off. More than 200 embryos will sell, including embryos from the breed's No. 1 CTPI cow, in addition to donor dams and picks of flushes.

"Both commercial dairymen and registered breeders will find offerings that can directly benefit their dairy operations," Lamoreaux says. "Embryos are available to fit every price range and begin at $100 per embryo."

The Michigan Holstein Association will sponsor a hospitality hour from 6 to 8 p.m. in combination with the sale.

For more information on the sales, contact CanAm Sales Management, Inc. at 616-822-0101.

The catalog for the Spring Foundation Sale is available online at www.holsteinworld.com. Click on the sale banner found at the top of the page to download the catalog.

Founded in 1943, the Michigan Holstein Association is divided into eight regional districts. There are currently more than 300 members in its adult and junior associations combined.

To learn more about the Michigan Holstein Association, its upcoming activities and the benefits of membership, call Suzanne Tuttila at 517-655-6590. To find out more about the availability and cost benefits of state and national association programs, contact Max Dunseth, Holstein Association USA regional representative, at 517-278-3030.