Mexico Opens Market to U.S., Canadian Bone-In Beef

Bone-in beef accounts for $40 million of total $874 million U.S. market prior to 2003 beef ban.

Published on: Feb 3, 2006

Mexico has resumed trade of U.S. and Canadian bone-in beef from animals under 30 months of age.  

In Mexico the bone-in beef accounts for a small percentage of the total market. U.S. beef exporters sold more than $874 million worth of beef products to Mexico in 2003, with bone-in beef products accounting for $40 million of that total.

"As a NAFTA partner and our second largest export market, the normalization of beef trade with Mexico is great news for our farmers and ranchers," says Ag Secretary Mike Johanns. "This action demonstrates Mexico's commitment to trade based on internationally accepted scientific standards for human and animal health."

In March 2004, Mexico opened its market to boneless U.S. beef from animals under 30 months of age, which had closed following the December 2003 find of BSE in Washington state. In April 2005, to help normalize trade in ruminants and ruminant products within North America, Mexico, the United States and Canada agreed to harmonize their BSE risk mitigation measures to more effectively address any BSE risk in the region.