Merry Christmas From Indiana Prairie Farmer!

Set aside the day to enjoy family, reflect on the holiday.

Published on: Dec 25, 2007

If you have livestock, they will still need fed or milked, as the case may be, today. That's no different than it was some 2,000 years ago when Jesus came to earth. But whether you have livestock or not, once essential chores are done, why not give yourself a break today?

Today is one of the few days in the year when big retailers close. So why not take the day off with them? It's a holiday that is that important, even in money-hungry, modern-day America. Get refreshed- there will be plenty of decisions to make and battles to fight in the upcoming year. But those decisions and battles will still be there tomorrow and the next day. Most of them don't have to be solved today.

This is the day for family get-togethers, presents, homecomings, surprises, cookies, candy, cake and plenty of good food, from holiday ham to turkey and more. There's even the traditional fruitcake that doesn't really taste so bad, especially not today. It's certainly not the day to begin that next new diet.

Maybe you'll get the perfect present today- a new tool, a new toy, a sparkly piece of jewelry. Maybe you won't. Around our house, the standard joke in gift exchanges for years was which item would show up more often- screwdrivers or flashlights? If flashlights are such a 'bad' and 'unwelcome' gift, how come they never seem to be around when you really need one?

The best present you can get from someone today is their presence and their time. Enjoy it- you won't always be able to be in one another's company.

And as trite as it may seem, we sincerely hope you take time amidst all the excitement and holiday cheer today to remember the reason for the season. Our creator loved us so much that he sent the perfect gift- his son. All we have to do is unwrap it and give ourselves to him.

The odds are probably greater that our Savior wasn't actually born today than that he was- more than likely it was some other date. But not even that matters. What matters most is that Jesus came- for you and for me.

So forgive us if our 'hard news' and 'profit tips' are limited or absent today. Tune in again tomorrow for top flight ag information. But for this one day of the year, there are things more valuable and more important than raising more corn, soybeans and hogs- or even property taxes!

From all of us at Indiana Prairie Farmer, have a very merry Christmas!