Map Your Day at Hay Expo

Online tool will enhance your visit by allowing you to plan the day from start to finish.

Published on: May 3, 2012

It's pretty easy to get around the exhibits at the Farm Progress Hay Expo. But why not map your day at the show in advance with a neat tool at

Clicking on the tab "Map Your Show" will take you to an interactive map of the exhibit field, exhibitor list and show site. "Everything is based on that map," explains Matt Jungmann, Farm Progress national events manager.

"With the map, a farmer can set up his own personal planner for what he wants to see at Hay Expo. Once he is registered on the site and when he moves the mouse over an exhibit that he wants to visit, he just clicks on 'My Show Planner' and it will be on his planner. Plus he can go back to the site as often as he wants and update the planner."

Map Your Day at Hay Expo
Map Your Day at Hay Expo

Registration is not required, but viewers are limited to five entries on the planner, which can be printed but won't be saved on the site. Registering only requires an email address and creating your own password.

With "Search for Exhibitors," farmers can look for their favorite companies and find out where they are located. "An upgrade to 'Featured exhibitors' includes additional information on specific exhibitors, such as address, phone and fax numbers, and links to their website and email address," adds Jungmann.

Another interactive feature is the facility overview tab. Here a map of the entire show site comes up, and the equipment demonstration fields and exhibit area are clickable. "You can click on a field and see demos and times for that field. If you click on the exhibit field and hover over a lot number, it will tell you the name of the exhibitor on that lot," explains Jungmann.

Another feature is the follow-up after the show. "Often, when farmers get home they misplace information or simply want to obtain more information. They can go back to the site and find that information," notes Jungmann.