Lucky 7 – New Ag Projects Win Funding

North Dakota APUC primes the pump on hog, dairy, sugarbeet, herb, biodiesel, flax and sandwich ventures.

Published on: Mar 13, 2007

The North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission recently approved $337,948.00 in funding to seven agricultural projects at its quarterly meeting in Bismarck.

Packet Digital, LLC, Fargo, was awarded $25,863 to develop a new electronic technology and hardware that will increase efficiency in farm management, particularly during harvest. Packet Digital has teamed up with American Crystal Sugar to create a system tailored for the harvest of sugar beets. The secure wireless system will facilitate communication of critical crop, production, and business data between American Crystal and their contractors/growers.

Flax USA, Goodrich, was awarded $77,500 to expand marketing of nutritional flaxseed products on a national level to club stores and grocery stores. Product line consists of Flax Sprinkles (12oz), 40os Pre-Ground, Bags (20oz), Quart-Whole Flaxseed (26oz) and Golden Flaxseed Hull Lignans(5.3).

Gardendwellers Farm, Churchs Ferry, was awarded $9,000 to purchase equipment, fund travel, and research time for a student researcher and principle investigator to develop a matrix of conditions that yield the highest level of end product for the amount of raw inputs in the steam distillation of herbs grown in the temperature and soil conditions most frequently found in Northeastern North Dakota

ND Dairy Coalition, Mandan, was awarded $66,000 to work on increasing the number of dairy cows in North Dakota. Funds will be used to work with North Dakota producers who want to update or expand their operations and to recruit diary producers from other areas who are thinking about relocating their dairies.

ND Sow Center, LLC, Forest River, was awarded $71,000. Funds will be used to permit, and develop two 5,000 head farrowing barns. The company plans to produce high quality and health piglets to be sold to pig producers under contractual arrangements.

Pugsley's Premium, LLC, Devils Lake, was awarded $34,585 to market Coffee House Premium Sandwich. A gourmet restaurant quality, fully prepared, ready to eat, sandwich made with a majority of North Dakota Products.

Northern Prairie EnviroFuels, LLC, Munich, was awarded $54,000 to fund a business plan, financial analysis and legal consultation for the building of a vegetable oil crushing plant and biodiesel processing facility in Munich.

Source: APUC