Lucas Plans For Short-Term Farm Bill Extension

House Ag leader says move will ease permanent law threat

Published on: Dec 11, 2013

Two others, following immediately after the first, said direct payments will be the hold-up.

"A short-term extension could allow direct payments to continue. That's not going to happen. #FarmBill," the second Tweet said. The third and final tweet noted, "The Senate won't pass an extension that sneaks in another year of direct payments. #FarmBill."

Tensions have been high this week as the finish line for the farm bill gets closer, however lawmakers still wait on a Congressional Budget Office estimate on the costs of proposed legislation.

According to a Wall Street Journal article released Tuesday, lawmakers extended their wait as a winter storm targeted the Northeast, resulting in a brief D.C. shutdown on weather-related issues. The storm kept a CBO employee away from work, the article said, delaying the cost estimate.

"Mother Nature's pretty wicked lately," Lucas told WSJ's Kristina Peterson. "It's just unfortunate Mother Nature chose to pick on my CBO person."

Aside from the questions of cost and direct payments, legislators have been grappling broadly with Title 1 programs. Pundits suspect that the legislators are getting closer to a deal that uses some form of base acres for both the shallow loss program and target prices for the House and Senate versions.

Lawmakers will adjourn at the end of the week for December recess.