Livestock Group Offers Free Classroom Materials

Materials to Ohio's third-grade classrooms address new Ohio academic standard for agriculture and natural resources.

Published on: Dec 5, 2013

The Ohio Livestock Coalition  has developed a package of educational materials for teachers designed to teach Ohio third-graders about the origins of the food they eat every day and about the important role agriculture plays in Ohio's economy.

The For Your InFARMation materials support key Ohio academic content standards for social studies, language arts, science and math, and can be downloaded free of charge at The materials specifically address one of the new elements of the Ohio academic standards to teach students about how "daily life is influenced by agriculture, industry and natural resources in different communities."

Livestock Group Offers Free Classroom Materials
Livestock Group Offers Free Classroom Materials

Additionally, new lapbook materials and updated smart board lessons are available as part of the curriculum. Smart boards, interactive whiteboards that project images from a computer and allow touchscreen interaction by students, are increasingly used in the state's classrooms as a valued learning tool.

"Many young students may not realize that Ohio livestock and poultry farmers play a major role in feeding Ohio, the nation and the world," says David White, OLC executive director. "The free educational materials we have developed for Ohio's third-grade classrooms will help students better understand where their food comes from, as well as the importance of safe, healthy, locally grown food. And, teachers will be pleased to know that the lessons we've created will provide valuable reinforcement of Ohio academic content standards in key subject areas."

The For Your InFARMation materials were developed in consultation with a curriculum consultant and practicing third-grade teacher. Instructional resources include the following:

  • Student Guide with a variety of nonfiction reading passages
  • Teacher's Guide with complete lesson plans and links to additional resources
  • Ready-to-use lapbooks, worksheets and smart board lessons to reinforce key content and skills

Through these materials students will learn about farmers and the economy, livestock farming, keys to safe and healthy food, energy and renewable resources, careers in agriculture and more.

In addition, OLC also is sponsoring a statewide essay contest for third-graders. The group will award one free, all-expenses-paid field trip to an Ohio livestock farm to the winning essay-writers' entire class. More specific information about the essay contest rules and submission deadline is available at