Learn Art of Biodiesel-making

Life After Cheap Oil Conference set for Sept. 15-16 in Chambersburg, Pa.

Published on: Sep 1, 2006

Farmers and non-farmers, alike, are discovering there is life after cheap oil. In fact, a two-day national Life After Cheap Oil Conference will open on Sept. 15, at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa.

The conference covers a number of topics under the umbrella of global climate change, and sustainable energy solutions for life after cheap oil. Included will be a host of experts on biodiesel and other biofuels, plus hands-on workshops on making biodiesel from virgin vegetable oils and waste vegetable oils.

Also on the schedule is a panel discussion featuring small-scale and industrial biodiesel brewers. Conversion of a Volkswagon for biofuel will be demonstrated.

The conference will also explore hydrogen power, photovoltaic (solar) electricity, wind power and zero-energy homes. Alternative fueled vehicle car show and on-the-spot Volkswagen conversion!

That's just a sampling of the activities at Life After Cheap Oil. For more details and to register online, visit www.wilson.edu/lifeaftercheapoil.  

Watch for American Agriculturist's October cover story about a farmer who is making all of his own fuel - biodiesel at 50 cents a gallon - from waste vegetable oils picked up at local restaurants.