Latest USDA Crop Progress Report Shows Improvement

Wet weather still hampering final corn numbers, but 95% now planted.

Published on: Jun 10, 2013

We're inching toward the final acres planted for corn with 95% in the ground in the latest USDA Crop Report. That's just behind the 98% five-year average for the crop. And 85% of the crop has emerged versus 92% on average.

And the report shows 63% of the crop is good to excellent while 8% is in the poor to very poor condition area. That almost belies the constant rain parts of the corn belt have reached, but shows that farmers can make up lost time pretty quickly.

Iowa shows that 14% of its corn is poor to very poor, Illinois is at 13% with the same poor ratings. Meanwhile, it's a 180-degree difference in Indiana, versus last year, with 77% of the crop in good to excellent condition. Ohio is right up there too with 82% good to excellent. By this time last year, both states were starting to show heat and moisture stress challenges.

CATCHING UP: Latest USDA Crop Progress Report shows corn is 95% planted, nearly catching the five-year average.
CATCHING UP: Latest USDA Crop Progress Report shows corn is 95% planted, nearly catching the five-year average.

Soybean planting is now in catch-up mode with 71% in the ground versus 84% on average. About 48% of the crop is emerged, well behind the 67% average, but it appears planters will be rolling this week as the weather dries and equipment can start rolling again. No crop condition ratings are yet available for soybeans in this latest report.

About 82% of the winter wheat crop has headed which is only slightly behind the 86% average. And combines are rolling with 31% of the Texas crop harvested. Oklahoma reports 8% harvested and California has 45% of its crop out of the field. On average, however, only 5% of the crop is harvested versus 16% on average.

And winter wheat condition stays steady with 42% in poor to very poor condition (it was 43% last week). At the top end only 31% is good to excellent, well behind last year's 53% with that rating.

As for spring wheat, 87% is now planted, versus the 96% average. And the condition of that crop is 62% good to excellent, with just 7% in the poor and very poor categories.

For cotton, 88% is planted, just behind the five-year average. Only 6% of the crop is squaring, versus 11% on average. And finally the condition is a little off with 21% poor to very poor, while 42% is good to excellent.

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