Late Seeding Options

Several crops can still be seeded in South Dakota. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jun 15, 2005

It may be too late to plant corn and soybeans now, but you still have some other options.

Bob Hall, SDSU extension crops specialist, says late recommended planting dates in South Dakota are:

  • Sunflowers – July 1.
  • Sorghum (grain)– July 5.
  • Dry beans – July 10.
  • Proso or foxtilail miller – July 5-10.
  • Sorghum (forage) – July 15.
  • Rate (forage) – July 1.
  • Sudangrass and sudan hybrids (forage ) – July 15.
  • Winter rye (hay or fall pasture) – July 15.

Cross-reference crops with prior herbicide usage to make sure they're compatible with possible herbicide carryover, Hall says.

For more information, see "Emergency Late-Seeding Options," at

-- Source: SDSU AgBio Communications