Last Week Farmers Made Some Progress on Corn Planting

We're still behind last year's planting season.

Published on: May 12, 2009

According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report, farmers had 10% of the corn crop in the ground as of the beginning of this week. This is down from 2008, which was 55% planted by this date.

The corn crop's emergence is at 3%, behind last year's 10% emerged by this week. The five-year emergence average is 49% and 84% for planting.

The wheat crop made a significant jump from 6% headed last week to 21% headed this week. According to IDOA, 66% of the wheat crop is rated good to excellent. Oat plantings are almost done at 88%.

Once again, rain delays took center stage last week. The statewide average for days suitable for field work was only 0.5 days. The state averaged 63% with excess moisture.

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