Last Chance to Enroll in DCP and ACRE

Missouri USDA-FSA office reminds farmers of approaching June 1 deadline.

Published on: May 21, 2010
Missouri crop producers only have until June 1 to finish their enrollment procedures in the Average Crop Revenue Election or the traditional Direct and Counter-Cyclical programs.

"Producers who have not yet enrolled in DCP or ACRE should contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment," said Edward Hamill, executive director of USDA's Farm Service Agency in Missouri. "June 1 is the final date to have all of the contracts signed and late-filed applications will not be accepted."

ACRE elections on the CCC-509ACRE will not be approved until all producers, including owners, on a farm have signed the CCC-509ACRE for election and the CCC-509 for enrollment into the ACRE program. If producers do not elect ACRE, they have the option of completing the CCC-509 contract for enrollment into the DCP program by the deadline. Both ACRE and DCP require all signatures be obtained by June 1.

To elect ACRE for a farm, producers must complete Form CCC-509ACRE, which irrevocably elects ACRE for the farm through crop year 2012. A CCC-509, the contract to participate in ACRE, must then be completed each year the producer intends to participate and receive benefits.

For more information, contact your local county FSA office or visit

Source: Missouri USDA-FSA office