Landscape Machine Works Like a Dawg

Rotary Dawg works so you don't have to.

Published on: Jun 21, 2008

The boys in Georgia known as Fence Dawg have a new tool that does more than scratch the surface when land needs to be worked.

The Rotary Dawg is three pieces of equipment on one three-point attachment. The basic model comes with the standard scrape, landscape (root) rake and an aerator.

"All three pieces work so much better because now you have downforce on which ever unit you use," according to Fence Dawg's Van Foster.

READY TO ROLL. The Rotary Dawg comes loaded with three pieces of equipment, but Fence Dawg soon will offer more easy to rotate tools.

Foster says the scrape blade cuts gravel like a box blade and the rake has no problem cleaning the surface off any ground because it has about 500 lbs. of downforce on top of it. The downforce on the aerator eliminates the need for water to penetrate most soil types.

How easy is it to change implements?

"It's so easy to change one implement to the next: you simply raise the lift, pull a quick pin on either side, and rotate the next implement with one finger," Foster says. "A lot of design went into keeping all three balanced. My five-year-old son has no problem rotating it by himself." Each piece is independently bolted with four grade 8 bolts to the center hub. That hub soon will be the center for more tools, Foster says.

ROTATE TOOLS. The Rotary Dawg carries three tools: an aerator, a standard scrape and a root rake.

"We have other equipment that is going to be available in the coming months that the farmer will be able to buy such as spring tooth plow, cutting harrows, disc harrows, core aerators, and even a seed hopper that will run similar to a no-till drill," Foster says. "The new equipment will also be balanced on the Rotary Dawg and be able to be reconfigured to any three implements he wants in a matter of minutes. The Rotary Dawg allows farmers to carry three pieces of equipment on their tractor at one time."
Each piece comes with a stand for easy hook up.

The Rotary Dawg is available in three sizes: the 4-footer, at 600 lbs., is $1,599; 5-footer, 650 lbs., is $1,699; and the 6-footer, 700 lbs. is $1,799. Fence Dawg also will ship the Rotary Dawg for free to anywhere in the United States for any Southern Farmer magazine subscriber.

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