Landmark Year for Husker Harvest Days

Husker Harvest Days continues its ever-expanding site development to benefit visitors and exhibitors.

Published on: Jan 15, 2010

Several exciting show site upgrades and new features propelled the 2009 Husker Harvest Days into a landmark year, including its expanded exhibit field, introduction of power-generating wind turbines and twin row corn plots and harvest demonstrations. 2010 show shaping up for a sold-out show, as well.

Husker Harvest Days debuted several new site upgrades and programs at its 32nd annual show this past September. The exposition's permanent site is located just west of Grand Island, Neb. An exhibit field expansion, wind turbines and field demonstrations featuring twin row corn offered visitors more companies an products to review, new technology to understand and next-generation farming practices to consider for their operations.

Show Site Expansion

An additional 34 outdoor exhibit lots were incorporated into the venue's exhibit field expansion project that was unveiled at the 2009 show. Husker Harvest Days exhibit field now encompasses nearly 80 acres.

"The Husker Harvest Days exhibit area was increased due to demand from companies that wanted to exhibit at the show for the first time and in response to current exhibitors that wanted to expand their space at the show,” said Roger Luebbe, Husker Harvest Days operations manager.

The show currently features 870 outdoor lots and scores of additional indoor exhibit spaces inside four Diversified Industry buildings and a Livestock Industry building. The spaces added to the show with the 2009 expansion were quickly claimed by exhibitors and the show a sold out event. The 2010 show is shaping-up with the same pattern. Many exhibitors have already submitted their exhibit applications for this year's event and the current prediction is for another full exhibit field.

Wind Turbines - New Show Horizon and Power Source

Farmers use Husker Harvest Days to keep up to date with the latest farm equipment, services, supplies and farming practices. One hot topic in rural areas was brought to the forefront at the 2009 show with the construction of three wind turbines. Husker Wind Turbine and Van Wall Equipment wind turbines are now located south of the the show exhibit fied in the exhibitor parking lot. These two wind turbines are operational and meet a portion of the Husker Harvest Days power needs. Additionally, Triad Wind Gen had a wind turbine on their lot for display purposes only during the show.

Jeff Berggren, with Husker Wind Power, was a first-time exhibitor at Husker Harvest Days. “The show was an over whelming success. We couldn’t be more pleased with our first year exhibiting at Husker Harvest Days,” said Berggren. “Leads are still being processed from farmers in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and Kansas.”

With new laws and programs governing wind power, the demand for wind turbines in Nebraska and across the country has been booming. Although most of the wind turbines Berggren has constructed have been tied directly to a farm house, there is a lot of interest in harnessing wind power to generate energy for agricultural irrigation units and grain dryers. The goal of most wind turbines is to eliminate the electric bill or have the bill as close to zero as possible.

Twin Row Corn Innovation

Twin row corn debuted in the 2009 show's field demonstrations. Two of the three demonstration days during the show were dedicated to twin row corn. All corn acres used for show demonstrations and dispay are produced under center pivot irrigation systems at the show site.

“Twin row corn plots have been part of past years' shows but the 2009 show was the first time farmers could watch extensive harvesting demonstrations with this type of planting configuration,” says Matt Jungmann, Farm Progress national shows manager. “Showcasing twin row corn havesting demonstrations at Husker Harvest Days is just another example of the innovation and diversity we strive to present to farmers and ranchers who visit the show.”

The 2010 Show

The next Husker Harvest Days show will be held September 14, 15 and 16, 2010, on its permanent site located west of Grand Island in central Nebraska. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for ages 13-17, and ages 12 and under are free. For additional information, visit

General Show Information

Husker Harvest Days, the world's largest totally irrigated working farm event, annually hosts more than 500 exhibitors displaying new farm equipment, tractors, combines and farm implements; seed and crop protection products; and many additional farm supplies and services. Ag manufacturers and suppliers from across the country and around the world are set to participate. Field demonstrations are a show mainstay. Each show day field demos include side-by-side tillage, GPS and precision equipment, alfalfa and hay production, and tractor and combine performance comparisons on hundreds of corn acres available for harvesting. Live cattle handling demonstrations include the newest cattle chutes, equipment, animal health products and work techniques. Additionally, the show features restored antique machinery, crafts and arts displays, horse training demonstrations and entertainment. The show is an excellent learning opportunity for producers and includes a variety of marketing, management and production seminars. The event's site is located west of Grand Island, 1-1/2 miles north and 2 miles west of Alda in central Nebraska on Husker Highway.