Labor Day Food Event a California Hit

California family farmers sold $300,000 of products to the public during the event.

Published on: Nov 10, 2008

Slow Food Nation announces final statistics for the Slow Food Nation '08 event in San Francisco Aug. 29 - Sept.1, a celebration of American food (See August 2008, page 8). The celebration drew 85,000 attendees over the Labor Day weekend!

Slow Food Nation says that after analyzing all post-event surveys, they have found that the total number of unique visitors to the event was over 85,000, an increase of 15,000 from the 60,000 originally estimated. The new analysis also shows that the Marketplace on Civic Center Plaza vendors made a total of 48,000 individual purchases; that Californian family farmers sold $300,000 of product directly to the public during the event; and that the Slow on the Go vendors sold over $150,000.

The event raised $45,000 through Slow Dinners for partner non-profit organizations in the Bay Area, including the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy, Greenbelt Alliance, La Cocina, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, City Slicker Farms, and People's Grocery. Thanks to a collaboration with Fora.TV and Participant Media, the Slow Food Nation Food for Thought videos posted to the web site have been viewed by over 25,000 people, more than triple the number who attended in person.

Slow Food Nation also announced that the next edition of the event will move to a new city. Following the inaugural Labor Day Weekend event, Slow Food Nation staff conducted interviews with the many people who collaborated to organize the event, including curators, designers, sponsors, vendors, farmers, food producers and community-based organizations. There was a general consensus that Slow Food Nation should reach beyond the Bay Area in the future so that it can best serve the nation's growing food movement.

Some of the cities currently being considered for the next edition of Slow Food Nation include Washington D.C., Chicago and Des Moines. Keep posted by visiting Slow Food Nation and Slow Food USA at