K-State Launches Value-Added Web Site

Resource can help those adding value-added ventures. Compiled by staff

Published on: Aug 1, 2006

A Web site recently launched by the Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops makes it easier for people to find the resources they need when considering adding new or expanding existing value-added enterprises on their farming operations.

The site, www.k-state.edu/valueadded, provides a directory of services at K-State, the Kansas Department of Commerce, Kansas Department of Agriculture and other organizations that work with producers.

"The sustainable agriculture center receives approximately 20 calls a month from individuals interested in small-scale value-added processing or direct marketing," says Jana Beckman, KCSAAC coordinator. "How to get started and locating technical and financial resources are the two most commonly asked questions.

"Resources are available from a number of state and federal agencies, K-State, and non-profit organizations. Getting started can be confusing, since the licenses and requirements vary, depending on the item they plan to sell or how it will be processed. The center can assist producers in identifying which organization to contact, and we hope this site will make it easier for them to find the resources they are looking for."

The resource information also is available in a printable version, which can be downloaded from the site or ordered by calling the Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops at (785) 532-1440.