Key People Recognized For Soil Conservation Efforts

Famers, teachers and conservationists all applauded for outstanding work in spreading message of soil conservation to fellow Hoosiers.

Published on: Jan 17, 2012

By Joy McClain

A lot of hardware was passed out during the annual conference of the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts recently. Along with it went tons of accolades for all the hard work many people do behind the scenes. Some who were recognized were volunteers. Others are paid and soil conservation is their job, but heir recognition resulted from the fact that they have also made it their passion. These people go above and be4yond the call of duty.

Several star awards were presented to soil and water district employees who fit in this category of those who go above and beyond what they have to do to earn their pay. Awardees included Michelle Benson, Linda Hixson, Stacy White, Jim Carne, Betty Gabbard, Darlene Fischer and Melanie Davis.

True volunteers were on the stage when the Earth Team award was presented. This is a volunteer project managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service that allows volunteers who are retired or who just have extra time to make a difference in their community by assisting with a soil and water conservation project. This year's special awards in this category went to the Clinton County Earth Team. Members of that group include Ben Reinhart, Leah Harden, Jeff Mathews, Clint Orr, Dan Towery, Dustin Johnson and Sandra Smith.

Several people were recognized as friends of conservation. Some are individuals, others are businesses. Those recognized include Jim Straeter, Fulton County, long-time owner of a machinery dealership and supporter of reduced tillage in that area; Danielle Walker from Scot County; the Gill Township Levee Association in Sullivan County; Elanco Animal Health; Clinton labs division in Vermillion County; and Manchester College in Wabash County.

If you see any of these people, give them a pat on the back, and tell them they received recognition of the Indiana Prairie Farmer/ Farm Progress Companies Website.