Johanns Says USDA Examining BSE Surveillance Program

USDA looking to evaluate whether testing enhanced number of high-risk animals remains necessary.

Published on: Jan 10, 2006

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns says that USDA will in the "not too distant future" evaluate and potentially change the current bovine spongiform encephalopathy surveillance program.

The 12-18 month enhanced BSE surveillance program is now in its 19th month. People are beginning to wonder the life of the enhanced program.  

Since June 1, 2004, a total of 581,840 high-risk animals were tested for the disease. In addition, APHIS completed testing of 21,216 clinically normal adult animals as part of its enhanced surveillance program on Nov. 21. All animals tested negative.

To help determine the future of the BSE surveillance program Johanns says USDA plans to seek advice from the scientific community and also trading partners. He says the program will also make sure to meet international OIE guidelines.