Jersey Cattle Association Registrations Hit Record

AJCA records 100,000 animals in 2012

Published on: Jan 1, 2013

The American Jersey Cattle Association announced that for the first time in history, it has recorded 100,000 animals in a single year.

The previous record for Jersey registrations—96,174 set in 2011—was broken Dec. 26, attesting to rapid expansion of the Jersey population across the United States.

"This is a milestone for not only the association and its members, but also for the Jersey breed worldwide," said Neal Smith, executive secretary and CEO.

"The smaller, more efficient Jersey cow is the solution to the challenges of profitability and sustainability confronting dairy herd owners, no matter how small or large their operations are," he said. "Jerseys produce the most valuable components of milk—proteins and fat—with less feed, using less energy, water and land, and with a smaller total carbon footprint.

AJCA records 100,000 animals in 2012
AJCA records 100,000 animals in 2012

"And through November of this year," Smith continued, "Jersey milk was valued from $1.58 to $3.47 more per hundredweight than the statistical blend price of Federal Order and California markets tracked by National All-Jersey Inc."

Smith added that the association expects to report all-time records in other activity areas for calendar 2012.