Japan Questions U.S. BSE Firewalls

Food Safety Commission fears Britain-type situation will occur in U.S. beef since meat and bone meal isn't banned from all animal feed. Compiled by staff

Published on: Aug 25, 2005

United States' animal feed controls to prevent the spread of bovine spongiform encephalopathy are under fire from and independent panel in Japan

Japan's Food and Safety Commission says a U.S. regulation allowing for the use of meat-and-bone meal from cattle to be used in other animal feeds is risky. The panel members are tasked with determining the safety of U.S. beef before trade can resume between the two countries.

Reuters reports that panel member Tetsuyuki Kitamo says, "We cannot completely rule out the possibility that the situation in the United States may become similar to what happened in Britain."

"Kazuya Yamanouchi, another panel member, proposed that the panel make a risk assessment on U.S. beef that included the possibility that BSE could spread," Reuters reports. "Yasuhiro Yoshikawa, the panel chairman, said he personally did not expect BSE to spread, but added that he would consider the proposal by next meeting."

The next meeting hasn't been set on when the Commission will again look at the issue.