Iowa Renewable Fuels: Ethanol May Provide Relief For Sandy Victims

IRFA asks President Obama to temporarily suspend petroleum mandate

Published on: Nov 2, 2012

In a letter sent Thursday to President Obama, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association asked for a temporary suspension of the federal petroleum mandate in areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The group said suspending the mandate would allow the sale of higher ethanol blends like E15 and E20, helping victims combat rising gas prices.

Following the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a waiver for clean gasoline requirements, also known as reformulated gasoline, for the affected area until Nov. 20.

In the letter, IRFA Executive Director Monte Shaw says IRFA agrees with the decision to grant a waiver, but the group asked the President to "go one step further" by suspending the federal petroleum mandate

IRFA asks President Obama to temporarily suspend petroleum mandate
IRFA asks President Obama to temporarily suspend petroleum mandate

"Taking such a step could allow consumers to temporarily use E15 or E20, a blend of 15% or 20% ethanol, without having retailers first go through the normal hurdles to offer the product," Shaw wrote in the letter.

Shaw says the E15 and E20 blends burn cleaner, and is cheaper.

"Hundreds of millions of gallons of ethanol are in storage and dozens of ethanol plants are running at reduced rates or have been idled. By removing the restrictions to higher ethanol blends on a temporary basis consumers win, clean air wins, and American energy security wins," Shaw wrote.

Federal law requires that a minimum of 85% of every gallon of gas sold in America be from petroleum sources. If retailers sell or consumers buy a fuel blended with less petroleum and more ethanol, for example, they are subject to a $37,500 per day fine by the federal government, IRFA says.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No, as a Long Islander I would rather continue to wait on line than see ethanol use increase. Farmland is needed to grown FOOD, not fuel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, you are right, I hate it when the government makes me use a fuel that works in my engine. They should let buy a fuel that will destory my engine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    e15 and e20 will work for a few hours and then destroy some of the engines running it - food based eth fuel still has a way to go until its good

  4. Anonymous says:

    20 to 50 percent ethanol dose not hurt anything. Newer vehicles (like the last 15 years) can handle this with ease. The only thing that holds ethanol back is ignorants. We produce it here, we handle it here, we use it here. If you drink a gulp of gasoline you will be dead before 911 operator asks, "what is your emergency?" If you drink a gulp of ethanol the party is just starting. If you would like cancers and breathing disorder to go down then stop burning what is causing the problem and switch to a clean burning and safe fuel like ethanol.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ethanol is the future. Wake up! Look at the frustration Sandy is causing due to our heavy reliance on oil. Imagine the future as storms get worse and gas shortages last for months on end. You'll have serious problems then...and I'm not talking about a few fistfights.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Adding more ethanol and putting such fuel in engines that will not handle it would only add to the frustration. My new lawn mower cautions against e-85. So does Toyota. Those folks are buried in frustration and putting more ethanol there limited supply of fuel would be devastating. Their generators would quit running. Wake up alot of false claims are being made to promote ethanol. This is just another one

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pacific ethanol is one takeover candidate?

  8. Anonymous says:

    i really hate when people / organizations try to capitalize on natural disasters.and find above distasteful but expected from monte the issue at hand is not a lack of petroleum per se but rather lack of power at service stations and distribution terminals. my car manufacturer has specifically stated that e15 is not approved by their warranty (2007 subaru) and i would be rather perturbed to find out after waiting on a 2 hour line that i had to fill my tank with something that the manufacturer has specifically told me not to use

  9. Anonymous says:

    what happens to gas mileage with 15 and 20% blends???

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ethanol is the future of Energy. It should be mixed 50% to 50%(E50). The USA has enough place and good area to produce ethanol. There is just work and will needed. US-governments work is good but in envoirment policy the great president Obama is deaf. If the US would farm this free place there would be enough wheat and corn and what more important is there will be more farmers and workers needed. This means the number of unemployment people will drop. Instead of being Arabians servent we can be more efficient in producing Ethanol.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ethanol ist Energie für Zukunft und Sol 50% zu 50% Gemisch werden USA. Hat Genügent Land für Produktion des Ethanol es braucht nur Arbeit die amerikanische Politik ist gut aber ins Sache Umweltschutz ist der Grosse President Obama leider taub.Wen USA wird das Land gut Wirtschaften gebe es Genügent Mais Weizen und .... Das beste ist auch das viele neue Arbeitspletze shafen kann und nicht eine diner des Araber sein.Wen nicht jetzt Dan speter wird aufgehen das Ethanol ein wichtige Energie für unsere Zukunft sein

  12. Anonymous says:

    Help those people get the fuel moving!

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