Iowa Registers First Livestock Premises

Iowa Ag Secretary Patty Judge encourages livestock producers to register their livestock premises. Compiled by staff 

Published on: Dec 29, 2005

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Patty Judge announced on Dec. 20 that the Iowa Department of Agriculture has registered the first Iowa livestock farm as part of the National Animal Identification Program. The National Animal ID Program will boost biosecurity protection, says Judge. 

She states that, "Premise identification is the first step toward a National Animal Identification System. The National Animal ID Program will make it possible to trace ailing and exposed animals back to the probable source of infection. The sooner animal health officials identify infected and exposed animals the sooner they can contain the disease and put a stop to it."

"Our first registration in this state is for an Angus herd owned by Dr. Rex Wilhelm of Stuart in west-central Iowa," Judge announced on Dec. 20. Wilhelm is a cattle producer and practicing veterinarian. "I applaud Dr. Wilhelm's commitment to the Animal ID Program," she says.

All livestock producers should register

"It is very important for all of Iowa's livestock producers to register their livestock with our office," she says. "Doing so will help improve our biosecurity protection by enhancing animal disease monitoring, control and eradication."

Wilhelm comments that "I hope all livestock producers follow suit, and have their premises registered with the Iowa Department of Agriculture. I registered mine because, not only will biosecurity measures be enhanced, but it will help verify identification of animals for interstate and international trade."

"We are asking Iowa's livestock producers to 'step up to the plate' and have their premises registered soon. The form will only take a few minutes, but will help ensure the health and welfare of all of our livestock, not only in Iowa, but the entire country for years to come," says Judge.

To register, livestock producers can log onto and fill out the form electronically. Or, call Steve White at IDALS' toll free number (888) 778-7675 and ask for a premise ID form. "Steve will be happy to help producers register, or answer any registration questions," says Judge.