Interested Growing Organic Wheat?

Attend this unique June 11 field day and learn about wheat production and the potential for farm-to- bakery programs.

Published on: Jun 6, 2012

If you want to learn the latest, cutting-edge information about growing organic wheat as a value-added crop, here's a seminar you'll be interested in attending. "We are inviting educators, nutritionists, health professionals, farmers and the public to join us on June 11 to learn more about wheat, and in particular organic wheat production and marketing," says Sara Carlson, research and policy director for Practical Farmers of Iowa, headquartered in Ames.

A seminar on "Breeding and Growing Organic Wheat for Bread Quality and Health" will be held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Agricultural Research and Development Center. It's located within a 40 minute drive of Lincoln or Omaha and you can find the directions at The research center is in Saunders County near Mead, Nebraska.

Interested Growing Organic Wheat?
Interested Growing Organic Wheat?

Those who attend will be taken on a "field to table tour," says Carlson. This event runs from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Purpose is to provide an opportunity for farmers and others to learn more about wheat—from breeding and variety selection to production and the potential for establishing your own "farm to bakery" program.

Hear the latest information about value-added wheat production

"In the morning we will start with a visit to the University of Nebraska organic research fields to learn how wheat is bred and how new varieties are developed," she says. "We'll also learn how wheat works in an organic farming crop rotation, how cover crops are used with wheat and learn about promising experimental varieties or lines for organic production."