Innovative Farm Couple Operate Bed & Breakfast

They raise corn, soybeans and so much more on their farm near Thorntown.

Published on: May 3, 2012

You've likely read about Tom and Kerry Dull before. Ever since graduating from the second class of the Indiana Ag Leadership Institute, Tom has been an innovative leader in agriculture. An auctioneer and a corn and soybean farmer, has found other ways to make money on the farm and interact with the public to put agriculture in a good light at the same time.

One of their primary businesses is their cut your own Christmas Tree Farm. This large operation also seeks to make the visit to get your tree more than just grabbing a saw and cutting a tree. They have a log cabin and activities for people to do when they visit.

Innovative Farm Couple Operate Bed & Breakfast At The Farm
Innovative Farm Couple Operate Bed & Breakfast At The Farm

Recently, they started another venture, a bed and breakfast called the Stone Cabin Inn. If it involves people and agriculture the Dulls are likely to be involved. Just a couple years ago their farm was selected as one of five winners in a contest sponsored by Campbell's Soup to preserve an older barn. FFA members form three chapters, including Western Boone, Clinton Prairie and Cissna Park, Ill., provided the manpower. Campbell's helped make purchased of the materials possible. Within a few days the older barn in need of repair was restored to pristine condition, painted red of course. The Dulls now use it as part of their Christmas tree operation so families can have a look at the historic barn that's now reserved for generations to come.

Besides working with the Indiana Ag Institute and serving on their Board of Directors, appointed by the Lt. Governor, Dull is active in supporting Pioneer Village at the Indiana State Fair.

Congratulations to Tom and Kerry Dull as they continue to prove that agriculture can be more than corn and soybeans in Indiana.