Innovative Controlled-Release Syringe Now Available in the US

New syringe features a trigger-lock mechanism that prevents movement of the plunger until it is manually released.

Published on: Oct 3, 2005

During the American Association of Bovine Practitioners meeting, NJ Phillips Pty Ltd unveiled an innovative controlled-release syringe for use with injectable animal-health products. The Trigger-Lock Syringe is custom-designed to enable U.S. veterinarians and producers to more accurately deliver intended doses of vaccines and injectable antibiotics, while reducing the likelihood of unplanned injections.

Constructed of durable plastic, the hand piece of this innovative syringe features a trigger-lock mechanism that prevents movement of the plunger until it is manually released. The Trigger-Lock Syringe connects to the bottle of injectable liquid to be administered through a length of clear, plastic tubing, and secures the needle with a specialized needle-nut assembly. The syringe's injection volume can be set in 0.5 mL increments from 0.5 mL to 5 mL, which allows flexibility when treating livestock of varying weights.

NJ Phillips Pty Ltd has named Durvet Inc., Blue Springs, Mo., the exclusive U.S. importer of the Trigger-Lock Syringe. Starting in October, veterinarians and producers can purchase this product from animal-health distributors serviced by Durvet. In addition, Elanco Animal Health will have a limited supply available for veterinarians and producers.

"It's exciting to bring this innovative device to the United States to meet specialized needs of U.S. veterinarians and producers," says Bob Abrahams, marketing manager, NJ Phillips Pty Ltd, Australia. "When Elanco invited us to design a controlled-release syringe that could improve dosing accuracy, we leveraged our experience in designing precision equipment for agriculture and other industries. The result is the Trigger-Lock Syringe, which is a tool that producers can use to administer injectable products even more effectively."

As veterinarians and producers integrate the Trigger-Lock Syringe into their herd-health processes, it's a perfect time to review animal-handling and -treatment procedures. This review should include an examination of label directions for animal-health products being used as well as a discussion of best practices when treating/handling animals.

"Regularly reviewing and updating on-farm animal-health protocols is key to keeping animals healthy and productive," says Daniel Faidley, marketing manager - veterinary products and parasiticides, Elanco Animal Health. "The Trigger-Lock Syringe will be a great fit with many herd-health protocols, because it is designed to deliver the exact dose each animal needs and helps get the most from every bottle of injectable animal-health product. Fully as important is this innovative tool's potential to help reduce the likelihood of unplanned injections when animals behave unpredictably."

As is recommended with other injection systems, the Trigger-Lock Syringe and a supply of needles should be thoroughly sterilized before each use.