Indiana Sheep Association Slates Symposium

Plenty of information offered to producers.

Published on: Jan 16, 2007

If you've been to many Indiana county fairs or the Indiana State Fair recently, you know that sheep showing is a growing project amongst Indiana 4-H members. And sheep production is still a mainstay for Indiana farmers who are finding good demand for lamb in restaurants and at dinner tables.

If you're a sheep producer or 4-H sheep project member, here's a meting you won't want to miss. It's the 2007 Indiana Sheep Symposium, slated for Saturday, February 24 at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Noblesville. The event begins at 10 a.m. EST.

The Indiana Sheep Association sponsors the event. The annual meeting of the Indiana Sheep Association will also be held on the same day, at the same location.

Topics include a variety of hot issues, including sessions on cooking various cuts of lamb, management strategies, a discussion on shearing of show lams, information on vaccination strategies and feeding of sheep and show lambs, and much more. The Indiana State Board of Animal Health will be on hand to update producers and showmen about health issues. Leaders from USDA and the American Lamb Board will also be available to provide information about sheep and 4-H lambs. There will even be a 'Sheep and Goat Help Desk' at the event.

The Indiana Junior Sheep Association will provide a workshop for kids age 8 through 24 at the same location, same time. Many of the activities will be hands-on, geared to those showing sheep this summer in the 4-H sheep project. Sheep production topics of interest to any sheep producer, young or old, will also be discussed.

Lunch will be available, and an evening banquet is planned. Commercial exhibitors from all over Indiana geared to sheep producers and sheep showmen will also be on hand.

To register or to learn more about the Indiana Sheep Association, Indiana Junior Sheep Association or the Symposium on February 24, visit: Or you can contact Natalie Haynes, executive secretary for the Indiana Sheep Association, at (317) 401-3628. E-mail her at: