Improve Hay Quality with Fork

HayMaster's Nutrition Injection System injects vitamins, minerals, energy and protein into bales.

Published on: Jun 28, 2007

This hay fork injects big round bales to improve nutrient quality on the spot.

HayMaster's Nutrition Injection System uses an injector pump and spears to permeate 60- 70% of a bale with several company mixes of vitamins, minerals, energy, and protein.

The operator activates the hydraulic lift and begins transporting bales from storage or the field. At the same time a PTO pump can inject the bale with HayMaster Sweet Roll or Bale Booster by the time the bale arrives at the feeding area.

The HayMaster System fits any three-point hitch and combines the "hay hook" transportation method with the injection of nutrients.

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