IL Beef Association Elects Alan Adams As President

Mike Martz was elected vice president during IBA's summer meeting this past June.

Published on: Jul 17, 2013

Alan Adams, of Sandwich, was announced as the new president of the Illinois Beef Association board of governors during the IBA summer conference this past June.

For Adams, growing up in agriculture and the beef industry is not only their livelihood or income; it's a way of life. The Adams Family Farm supports two households: Alan and his wife JoAnn, and son Ross and his wife. They grow corn and soybeans, run a 49-head cow herd, and operate a feedlot which will feed 1,200 head in 2013.

"This might be the hardest year to predict what will happen since I've been on the board," Alan says. "We've brought in an entire new staff to the IBA in one year. One of our biggest challenges as leaders will be to evaluate the new ideas that undoubtedly will be coming and decide where to put our members' dollars to best use."

IL Beef Association Elects Alan Adams As President
IL Beef Association Elects Alan Adams As President

Mike Martz, of Waterman, was named vice president of IBA during the conference.

Martz currently is a partner in his family farm. His wife Lynn, son Justin, and brother-in-law Norm Larson run the grain and crop side of the business. Martz and his father-in-law Ray Larson run the beef operation which consists of a finishing business. Using ultrasound technology, the operation ensures that they are marketing their own fed cattle as well as customer's cattle at the optimal time.

"I believe these are critical times for all phases of agriculture." Mark says. "There are a growing number of consumers that are questioning the way we raise our livestock and grow our crops. It is important to tell our production story."