ICGA Proposes Farm Policy Changes

Iowa Corn Growers Association has come up with some new ideas to improve U.S. farm policy. Rod Swoboda

Published on: Jan 23, 2006

Last week, state presidents of the National Corn Growers Association accepted several policy proposals from the Iowa Corn Growers Association to put forth to the NCGA voting delegates at the Commodity Classic in March. These policies still face debate and vote by the national organization's voting delegation, says Mindy Larsen-Poldberg, director of government relations for ICGA.

The resolutions Iowa corn growers want the NCGA to adopt are:

  • "NCGA shall diligently work to ensure that crop losses caused by man-made spring rises on the Missouri River are covered by crop insurance policies for the crop year 2006 and beyond.
  • "Support the goal of tripling the ethanol market. In addition support state efforts to encourage more aggressive usage of ethanol."
  • "Support expanded domestic production and construction of infrastructure and also increased efficiencies for natural gas and other energy resources including finding more U.S. reserves by drilling in ANWR, coastal plains or other potential domestic locations."
  • "Urge Congress to maintain the payment limits set forth in the current 2002 Farm Bill and the 2007 Farm Bill."
  • "Allow direct payments to be received in cash or "401K" type payment invested in value-added farmer owned industries or conservation practices."
  • "Support elimination of capital gains tax or any method to reduce capital gains taxes, including rate reductions, exemptions for farmland from capital gains, or indexing a property's basis to inflation."
  • "Support legislation to permanently repeal the federal estate tax, and to retain the stepped-up basis for estates. Also support legislation that may not eliminate the estate tax, but instead increase the exemption amount, and maintain an unlimited stepped-up basis."
  • "Support a new World Trade Agreement for agriculture is conditional. We recognize that not every agreement negotiated by the WTO is positive for U.S. production agriculture, but that in principle we support less trade distorting payments enabling WTO compliance. Corn Growers should advocate for the best possible agreement for U.S. production agriculture."

Buses leaving from 18 towns for ICGA "Day on the Hill"

ICGA is asking for members to come to the Iowa State Capitol and lobby for 25% by 2015 Iowa Renewable Fuels Standard on February 13, 2006. Iowa Corn will provide buses, which will be leaving from the following towns:

Burlington, Coon Rapids, Council Bluffs, Davenport, Decorah, Denison, Fort Dodge, Goldfield, Holstein, Iowa City, Lakota, Marcus, Mason City, Nevada, Oelwein, Ottumwa, Sioux Center and Steamboat Rock. All members are encouraged to participate and to invite others in your communities who support the Iowa Renewable Fuels Standard. ICGA will be mailing postcards next week to all members providing more information.