Husker Harvest Days Prep - In Pictures

Site preparations are underway for the 2009 Husker Harvest Days.

Published on: Aug 3, 2009

HHD has expanded this year by 34 lots. One of the exhibitors that decided to relocate to the new addition is Case IH. Instead of grass on their lot, Case has decided to install gravel as the base for their exhibit. This is the first coat of gravel on the Case IH lot.

The Nebraska Commodity building is preparing for a new cement floor. Groups in the commodity building include the Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board, Nebraska Soybean Board, Nebraska Corn Growers Association, Nebraska Grain Sorghum Producers Association and the Nebraska Soybean Association.

A 100% ethanol engine runs the irrigation system that waters the plots at Husker Harvest Days. 

Along with the expansion of the exhibit field, the exhibitor parking lot also needed to be expanded. This photo is looking at that newly enlarged lot. 

Looking out over the exhibit field from top of a grain bin.

The new lots were added on the south end of the exhibit field. This photo is looking at the new lots and South Street.

Site Manager and host farmer Roger Luebbe checks the corn at the Husker Harvest Days site. 

Seed Plots looking from the north road towards the south.

This photo shows the field corn that will be harvest on Thursday. This field is twin row corn.

In the foreground you'll see the Thursday twin row corn that will be used for demonstrations. In the background you'll see alfalfa that will be used for mowing, raking and baling demonstrations as well as Wednesday corn in the background. Harvesting demonstrations on Wednesday will be standard 30-inch corn rows. 

A shot of the field demo corn for Thursday from on top of the bit. This is twin row corn. 

Tuesday field demo corn at HHD. This year, the fields that will be harvested on Tuesday and Thursday will be twin row. This is the first time for twin row corn in the harvesting demonstrations at HHD. 

Tuesday Demo corn from the perspective of the top of the bin. This is twin row corn.

Tuesday's Twin row corn from the top of one of the bins at grain handling area.

Site Manager and host farmer Roger Luebbe stands by the newly graded bus parking lot. The gravel makes a firm base for buses to park on during the show. In the past, buses dropped off at the bus turnaround but now buses will be able to go directly into the bus parking lot, park and then let off their patrons.

A 100% ethanol engine runs the irrigation system that waters the plots at Husker Harvest Days. This is the first year that the 100% ethanol engine has powered the plot irrigation system.  

The HHD crew works on grading the new south road. With the expansion of more exhibitors lots at Husker Harvest Days this year, a new South Street was added to the exhibit field. The show site is on the north side of the road (on the left side of the photo) and the exhibitor parking lot is on the south side of the road (on the right side of the photo).