House Science Committee OKs Biofuels Bill

The House Science Committee approved a bill aimed at improving biofuels infrastructure.

Published on: Feb 2, 2007

The House Science Committee approved a bill Wednesday aimed at promoting biofuel development.

The bill authorizes the Energy Department and the National Institute of Standards to research ways to boost biofuels' competitiveness with the existing petroleum-based energy infrastructure.

The legislation also calls on the EPA to develop a way to test the sulfur content of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, a more air friendly diesel.

Committee Chairman Bart Gordon, D-Tenn., estimates infrastructure changes could cost $5 to 30 billion, but he says that the research promoted by the bill could help to bring down those costs.

Gordon says the bill is meant to help boost efforts to reduce U.S. oil use, and that the committee will consider additional legislation to address climate change and alternative fuel.