Horse Slaughter OK'd In OK

Oklahoma legislators lead the way to reinstate horse slaughter

Published on: Feb 26, 2013

Both the Oklahoma House and Senate last week approved bills to lift the state's ban on horse slaughter, making Oklahoma the first state to do so since the federal ban on funding for horse slaughter inspections was lifted in 2011.

HB 1999 and SB 375 passed with votes of 82-14 and 38-6, respectively. Both bills would allow interstate trade and possession of horsemeat, but would not allow human consumption.

State Rep. Skye McNiel, R-Bristow, sponsor of the House bill, said on the House floor that unwanted horses are a problem for Oklahoma.

Oklahoma legislators lead the way to reinstate horse slaughter
Oklahoma legislators lead the way to reinstate horse slaughter

"Since 2006 we've had a growing number of abused and neglected horses and we have a growing number of horses going across the border to be processed that have no standard of care," McNiel said. She explained that a glut of horses in Oklahoma requires a solution.

"It's supply and demand. We have a supply and there's a demand somewhere else for it," McNiel said.

House opponents of the bill said that some slaughterhouse conditions may be inhumane for horses, or bring a negative image on Oklahoma, as Rep. David Dank, R-OKC, argued.

"We're talking about image and I don't want people thinking about Oklahoma as the state where you slaughter horses. I think we need to take a second look at this. We need to come up with another name for it – it just sounds terrible," Dank said during floor debate.

But of those debating on the floor, more lawmakers lobbied for the bill than against.

"I have a lot stronger faith in the processing of horses in the state of Oklahoma in the United States than I do in the country of Mexico," Brian Renegar, D-McAlester, explained after complaints of horses being trucked across the border for processing.

McNiel, who closed out the discussion, backed up Renegar's comments in earlier discussion, and explained her position as both a legislator and a horse owner during debate.

"Nobody wants horses to be abused. I don't. We want the best for [animals] in life, and in after life. They have value as live animals, why can't they have value as a dead animal?"

The chambers will now consider each other's bills, while a broader U.S. audience continues to discuss the controversial issue.

To view the House discussion, click here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If OK signs this bad idea into law, they're saying to the world: We don't care if your kids get aplastic anemia, or your wives miscarry, or you die of cancer or liver failure, or get Alzheimers years from now, just so long as a few bottom feeding people can get paid for treating their horses - and you - like trash. And we get that soft campaign money from the Belgians for throwing our state's tourism industry and water quality under the bus.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about the BUTE? Have these legislators not been reading the news, or the drug labels in their barns? What are they going to try next, re-institute slavery? The growing scandal about drug contamination in US horses slaughtered (150 horse drugs, 70% or so not permitted in food animals) means Oklahoma's wannabe horse slaughter trade has a dubious future at best. In fact, toxic horse meat makes any issues with cattle look like a walk in the park. Race track, show circuit drugs .. it boggles the mind that Oklahoma can pass this with a straight face.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gloria, I don't have horses, but what is the matter with making a profit?

    • gloria eighmey says:

      I automatically assumed when you asked "what is the matter with making a profit? " That you were specifically asking about the horse slaughter business.And not implying in general that if you can make profit on ANYTHING it should be OK. obviously in most businesses ma king profit is a good thing. And is the purpose of the business just as it is in the horse slaughter business. But making profit from ANYTHING obviously isn't OK. Not from Pit bull fighting, Racial or sexual slavery ,etc. I wonder what percent of our country would be ignorant enough to believe the reasons the slave traders would give in why slavery was good and needed. Wake up people. You can not automatically accept as truth, reasons given for something from the very people that stand to profit by it. Slavery is an obvious example of a market that is now repugnant and illegal that at one time was widely accepted as being just fine. And just look at all the profit that was made from i.t

    • gloria eighmey says:

      Because making a profit on horses sold to slaughter is perpetrating the over breeding of horses so there a continual over supply of them to fill the profitable slaughter market. And pro slaughter people lye and claim profit is not the reason they are for horse slaughter. That's its for the welfare and a solution for the poor unwanted horses . At least your not lying in the process.And are honest. That would make you 1000 times better then the 99% of pro slaughter people that claim they are the horse lovers and its all for the welfare of the poor unwanted horses they want horses slaughter. That is beyond despicable. You are sounding like you are trying to be honest about the fact you simply think there is nothing wrong with selling horses for slaughter and there no different then any livestock that is raised for meat. Well by reading just the comments in this post you would realize you are selling horses for profit that contain toxic substances not allowed for meat animals. That is wrong. And it appears you really cant understand you shouldn't slaughter friends, pets, companions and sport partners for a little money. Its wrong. If your not capable of understanding that , nothing more anyone said would change it anyway. But 84% of Americans DO understand that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am from Missouri, but I do a lot of business in Oklahoma. I breed a few mares (two this year booked to OK stallions), I visit Remington Park and Will Rogers Downs frequently and I buy a lot of products from Oklahoma vendors and businesses. If horse slaughter is made legal, I will be spending my money elsewhere. And although the $15,000 or so a year that I spend in your state isn't much, it won't go to a state that supports horse slaughter. I've talked to other small breeders in my area and they feel much the same way. I have been in the plants and viewed the process, there is no way you will convince me that it is humane.

    • Thundergrammy says:

      It will bring further shame to the state of Oklahoma if we go thru with this disgusting practice. It's all about money, they, pro-slaughter are padding their pocketbooks, plain and simple. It is all about "special interest groups" making a profit, evil acts and deeds will be followed. This is inhumanity, and Oklahoma should be ashamed to be participating. I am ashamed of my life long home state.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The fact is that we have had an unbroken access to horse slaughter for THIRTY years, and yet these politicians - who obviously know nothing at all about horses or what is really going on - claim there is still a glut of "unwanted" horses. If slaughter is the answer, why hasn't it worked? Seems to me thirty years is enough time to prove slaughter is NOT the answer. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I believe I've made my point. As for slaughter being more humane in the US, one has only to look at all the pictures the USDA took of situations of horrible cruelty that they did absolutely nothing about. In both transport and the slaughter process, our domestic horse slaughter plants were no better - and possibly worse - than the ones in Mexico and Canada. Besides, even Temple Grandin as agreed that there is NO WAY to humanely slaughter horses in the fast paced assembly line structure of the modern commercial slaughter plant. Go to and see for yourself. It's all documented, and, since I WAS THERE I can vouch for the accuracy of their accounts. Is this what you want to live with, Oklahoma? In addition, the EU is going to stop accepting horses from any country that doesn't have a traceability system comparable to the passport system. We have no traceability system at all and we're not going to have one. So the EU - which accounts for 80% of our horse meat market - will no longer accept our horses after this coming July - if not sooner considering the horse meat scandal that is rocking the food industry in Europe and is coming ever closer the the US. Why don't you ignorant legislators listen to the truth instead of what your greedy little minds WANT to hear? You've screwed it up royally this time, and you will make exactly nothing from this except ill will for your state. Congratulations, suckers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    well here we a horse lover and advocate, once more I am on the side of the processing of horses in the United States. I know that this is such a controversial subject and I would be considered "wishy washy" but hey the facts are the facts...lets face them for real.. yes there is more abuse and more neglect since we have closed the plants down in United States. The processing of horses is not going to stop. ever..and all we have done is make the journey for those horses that are destined for slaughter more tragic because of the unthinkable travels they must endure, the unregulated means of processing horses abroad, and the abuse as so often seen on undercover video. This is more tragic then processing in a regulated humane way in our own country. I mean come on..we are all up in arms about the processing of horses and what they have done and basically they are pets and companions and don't deserve to be slaughtered..well how about the animals that we exploit in the stock shows? All those animals are loved, nurtured and trusting of human contact and are pampered beyond belief to attempt to be sold to the highest bidder and then off to processing they go! I just recently stumbled upon a slaughter farm where you go and pick your animal and they process on the spot while you wait.. well guess what? I was shocked to see how many of those pampered animals were waiting in holding pens for the next person to come along and purchase them and be dragged to slaughter...Where are the protesters in that arena?..If we are never going to stop horse slaughter abroad, then we must be responsible and put the craziness aside, make sure that it is done properly and humanely on our own soil.. Think on that one!

  7. Anonymous says:

    80% of American's are against horse slaughter yet a few people with special interest, i.e. owners of auctions, breeders, wild horse long term holding facilities ranchers, and a money greedy State Rep from another state are the only ones pushing to kill horses. They never once looked at the drugs given to horses that are now going to be shipped out of the country. How ignorant to send toxic meat to unknowing consumers in others countries. OK won't let their own people eat the toxic meat but will send it to others. It will take a very long time before they can get a handle on the drugs given to horses. It will make the business much more expensive and I'm sure no one of the horse killers ever thinks about the cruelty that is involved in horse slaughter. I feel for the good people of OK that have such greedy people at the helm. Its up to those good people to stop it. LynnIL

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can a publication which supports farming and agriculture, endorse the slaughter of a non-food animal which is not raised for food under food safety guidelines? We don't raise horses in this country for food and as such we horse owners give our horses substances which are banned from use in ANY animal intended for slaughter. Banned because they kill people and because of the hypersensitivity of certain drugs a "safe" level cannot be determined because what may be safe for one person, may not be safe for another. Bute is metabolized in the liver and the metabolites are more dangerous to humans than the drug in the original form. Bute is stored in the tissues and never leaves the animals body. Horses, race horses especially are given other drugs which aren't even recognized by the FDA, cobra venom, frog venom. Every race horse is given bute and a plethora of other drugs and go, many times from the track straight to the slaughter house and onto some unsuspecting consumer in a foreign country. Horse slaughter is not humane and McNiel stands to benefit directly from this law as her family owns horse auctions where kill buyers frequent. They actually had an ad in the local paper where the were buying horses, different prices for different horses, if there is such a need for slaughter because of all the unwanted horses, why are they advertising desperately for horses to buy. Giving another name to horse slaughter doesn't change the fact it is horse slaughter. It doesn't make it more humane, nothing changes other than to try to bilk and deceive their constituents and the public who have come to Oklahoma as tourists. I don't live in OK, but I can assure you, I'll never go to OK, buy any OK products if both chambers end up passing this. Other states are banning horse slaughter, NJ just banned horse slaughter and OK takes the giant step backwards, As a taxpayer I have a say in how my federal tax dollars will be spent, and inspections must be performed and paid for by the USDA. I will not allow my tax dollars to be spent on slaughtering a non food animal which 80% of the US population oppose the slaughter of. Stop spreading misinformation about this issue, US horses that go to Mexico go to two EU approved plants which must follow EU humane standards and have been approved by DR. Tom Lentz, DVM and former President of the Unwanted Horse Council. Slaughter houses in Mexcio which use the punitalla knife are local and slaughter local horses.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Face it, Oklahoma is going to be known as the horse slaughter state if they do allow the nasty horse slaughter business to open. Their crime rate will go up. Horse theft will rise. The problems that a foreign owned plant will cause are numerous. No matter what they choose to call it, it will still be a location where the mass murder of American horses will be inhumanely slaughtered. They will use the same methods as any foreign country. Good businesses will go elsewhere because they do not want to be associated with the nasty horse slaughter business. The foreign owners will ignore pollution violations, entrails will be strewn on the streets and highways of Oklahoma, large dumping grounds will be filled with the remains of good live horses. May as well give up any tourists coming to Oklahoma for events. The money will leave that state. These law makers are not thinking things through, just following leaders that will lead them like lemmings over the cliff.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear Shar--what makes you think horse slaughter is, or can be, humane? Check out reports of well-documented, inhumane aspects of all steps in the slaughter pipeline on the Animal Angels website, or consult with mayor of Kaufman, TX, Paula Bacon, about the impact horse slaughter had on her community. Then come back with your charge of sentimentalism as the primary concern of posters like me. Educate yourself!

  11. gloria eighmey says:

    I'm also so tired of the reasoning and excuses that if horse slaughter plants are not reopened opened in the U.S, then the horses will be shipped out of the country for slaughter. Which is a lot worse. The plain and simple solution is too also ban the shipment of horses for slaughter out of the country also.When something is wrong. You go forward not backward.You close the loopholes and fix the problems. And this is made doubly absurd by the fact that its the pro horse slaughter people who are stopping the Anti horse slaughter bills from being passed that would END the sale of US. horses going to slaughter in Mexico and Canada. Surly it is becoming obvious you cant blindly trust the reasons given by people who stand to make money from horse slaughter.

  12. gloria eighmey says:

    Horse slaughter is the same as ANY business. If there is a market and money to be made for a product. There is going to be enough of that product produced to fill that profitable market. If fresh oranges are the equivalent of horses for LIVE human use. And orange juice is the equivalent of horses sold for slaughter.There are going to be enough oranges grown to fill the profitable market for both fresh oranges and orange juice. If there is a cattle meat market demand for 2 million cattle a year.There is going to be that many cattle raised. If it increased to 5 million cattle a year, there would soon be 5 million cattle a year raised.And if the horse meat demand raised from the present 130,000 to 500,00.There would soon be 500,000 so called unwanted excess horses bred a year. But these and other profitable businesses don't try and make the outrageous claim that there profitable product is produced because it is necessary because of unwanted oranges or unwanted cattle, as the horse slaughter proponents do.

  13. shar says:

    Resuming horse slaughter is overdue. Why do these posters think it is any different than other livestock slaughter? It all needs to be done as humanely as possible with drug residue rules followed for all animals. It has been a terrible waste of meat. The anti slaughter crowd seems to have the real agenda of stoppng all meat consumption as there does not seem to be any logic in their arguments, just sentimental reasons.

    • gloria eighmey says:

      As usual I see you gave no answer to any of the statements showing how horse slaughter is not about old ,lame. or unwanted horses . But simply about making money. Showing that horse slaughter is actually the MAJOR cause of the so called unwanted horses sold to slaughter for profit. And when they have no answers to any facts, as usual when pro slaughter people cant come up with any what so ever logical reply to these issues; They simply fall back on just accusing anti slaughter people of letting there heart or what they call; sentimental emotions factor in on there revulsion to horse slaughter. Like that is such a bad thing. They make it sound like its a bad or negative thing to treat horses( that are trained and taught to trust and work for people and give them there heart) in a manner showing gratitude, respect and caring. It seems like they think that is a definite dead end fact that must surely show how wrong anti horse slaughter people must be. OR my God ,to actually love your horse.To pro slaughter that is the ultimate negative emotion. What about the property rights of people who have had there horses stolen that are sold for slaughter. Which is a huge problem. Not to mention some of theses horses cost thousands of dollars which the owners lost. But the MUCH GREATOR loss of knowing there horse that they loved and cared about meant such a terrible end, and they were not able to help them. Some people who have had there horses stolen and found they were sold for slaughter said it will haunt them for the rest of there lives.They will never get over it. OH yeah.But to pro slaughter that is irrelevant and should not matter. As it is just that sentimental emotion thing. Or the millions of people who care about there horses and have to always worry if they ever sell them ,they could end up being sold to slaughter. Some would much prefer to let them go loose in the wild rather then risk them being bought for slaughter at a auction. Or the millions of horse breeders who do actually care about there horses and a main concern is they always go to a good home.Not all the horses breeders are for slaughter too raise there possibility for more profit for the slaughter market. Any one who does care about there horse and doesn't think of them as just a piece of property for people to do what ever they like with ; are ALL held in hostage to the horse slaughter business.

    • gloria eighmey says:

      I'm So tired of hearing how horses are just livestock. Horses are not RAISED as a food animal like cattle and chickens etc. They are pets, companion and sport partners that simply due to bad luck and being at the wrong place at the wrong time get sold for slaughter.These Young, healthy, trusting horses are betrayed, terrified and slaughtered for the greed of a few. Most of these horses were loved or cared about by some one at one time in there life. So many people would be horrified if they knew that one of their former horses ended up being sold to slaughter. That is one of the main things that make horses (just as dogs) different then livestock that is simply raised for meat. The time spent, and connection and trust needed in training horses is more then most all dogs.When is the last time you saw a cow or chicken representing are country in the Olympics ? It takes YEARS of training and close partnership for these horses to reach Grand Prix level dressage or jumping. Its obvious you don't get this. But fortunately 84% of Americans do. And THAT is why there against horse slaughter. It;s pretty sorry when pro horse slaughter has to resort the slippery slope propaganda ,claiming that the people against horse slaughter real agenda of stopping all meat consumption.That is just as ridiculous as saying being against the slaughter of dogs for food is really an agenda for stopping all meat consumption. I eat meat, as 99% of people against horse slaughter do. I have even eaten a rattle snake that I killed when it crawled in my house when my door was open. Ive eaten deer, turtle and squirrel. I am a STRONG advocate of the right to carry and own a gun. Even the right to carry a concealed gun. But that doesn't mean I'm in favor of selling automatic assault rifles to known convicted murderers or terrorists. Yah better watch that slippery slope agenda. Thank God MOST people seem to have the capacity of reason. And not just totally blindly following.

  14. gloria eighmey says:

    It is IMPOSSIBLE that reopening American horse slaughter plants can be a solution. The closing of any US slaughter plants can have NO CONECTION with any present horse situation. Because horse slaughter has never ended. There are just as many horses slaughtered now as when before the slaughter plants closed. IT as made ABSOLUTLY NO DIFFRENSE in the amount of horses being slaughtered. There just are being shipped out of the country to be slaughtered. And NOT ONE more horse would have been slaughtered even if 10 horse slaughter plants had been opened in the U.S.. Sense the horse slaughter business is driven by the by the law of supply and demand like any other business is : The horse slaughter kill buyers do not bye any more horses then what they have contracts for. And these contracts are based on the horse meat market demand. And the demand is already being meant .From 10 to 15 % of horses sold at horse auctions still are sold for slaughter. The same as before US slaughter plants were closed. To say that the slaughter option went away is a blatant lie. Any increase in unwanted horses was caused by the great economic downturn our country had which AFFECTED AND HURT ALL BUISNESSES

  15. Anonymous says:

    ["Since 2006 we've had a growing number of abused and neglected horses and we have a growing number of horses going across the border to be processed that have no standard of care," McNiel said. She explained that a glut of horses in Oklahoma requires a solution.] The above statement says it all. The ban on the horse market was pushed through by lobbyists and supporters who offered no VIABLE solution to the influx of unwanted/useless horses that would result from the ban that they succeeded in getting passed. Supporters of the ban view horses as pets. These animals are livestock and we need to get back to viewing them as such when it comes to the buying and selling of them. There's a market here that is demanding supply chains be reopened; kudos to Oklahoma for recognizing that fact!!

    • gloria eighmey says:

      HERE IS A SOLUTION that all reason shows will actually help the unwanted horse population. Instead of perpetuate it as horse slaughter does.And with out spending 5 million dollers a year of our tax money which is required for horse slaughter house inspecters. It would also totally and completely end the pro horse slaughters excuse that horse slaughter is necessary to get rid of all the poor, suffering unwanted horses. First you MUST END ALL HORSE SLAUGHTOR for this to work. BOTH horses slaughtered in the US AND those sold to be slaughtered in Mexico and Canada. This is 100% necessary to stop the over breeding of the 130,000 excess horses that are breed each year that are sold for the profitable horse slaughter industry. when horse slaughter ends the horse numbers will decrease down to what the LIVE horse market really demands.The rescues could very likely handle the amount of unwanted horses that were GIVEN to them by owners that no longer wanted them if for years they had not needed to be endlessly spending there resources in trying to save horses from the slaughter market. And have to compete with and out bid the kill Byers at the auctions. A rescue does not mean trying to bye out a whole horse slaughter industry . And that would solved nothing anyway. As there would still be a profit and demand for the horse meat that had not yet been supplied. So then even MORE horses would be bred. At the same time all horse slaughter is banned, A national web registry site for any unwanted horse could be made.(I'm sure there are many horse welfare sites already that would be glad to do this.) Any one who had a horse they didn't want that they would GIVE away could list there horse and location on this site. IF no person or rescue wanted the horse. (which at that time would be VERY few. AS 130,000 less horses would be being bred a year. The number that use to fill the profitable horse slaughter market. And on top of this the REAL reason 98 percent of horses are sold to slaughter is for the money.You take away the profit in horse slaughter, and very soon you will have taken away the need for it. The EXTREAM small amount of horses that would be put on this site and not taken by someone would show solid proof that horse slaughter was a problem creating unwanted horses. Not solving it.It would show it was always just a profit driven business like any other. If expense dictated the owner can not afford to have a vet euthanize the horse. It needs to be made legal in all states that if no one wants or can takes the horse after it is on the web site for a few weeks; following the given instructions they are allowed to put there horse down by a correctly placed bullet to the brain. Which many honorable ranchers and country people always have done rather then choosing to make some money by allowing there old friend or work partner to be sold to the horror filled slaughter market. If they are in the country the horse is not then even required to be buried. when it has no toxic euthanization medicine in it to poison the predatory animals. As the coyotes and other predators dispose of the horses body in a months time. Just as they do dead deer. Zoos and large animal sanctuaries could check the site and, request that they be DONATED the body if the owner choose. BUT the horse owner can not make 1 cent of money on this horse .This is 1000 times more humane then having the horse go through the horror filled slaughter market process. Starting from the terrible and fearful crowded haul, to their death itself. And it stops the never ending cycle of over breeding to fill the profitable horse slaughtor market. Instead the horse can happyly be eating his last bucket of grain. This can be done with honer, caring and gratitude given the horse. The horse is in his known familiar surroundings. Making it very easy to simply place the gun in the correct sp

      • gloria eighmey says:

        (continued from above) Making it very easy to simply place the gun in the correct spot while he is contentedly eating his grain. Instead of being terrified at the slaughter plant and fearfully reacting and moving their head around as the stun gun is coming at their head. Repeatedly causing the stun gun to miss the correct spot and causing many repeated attempts. The overwhelming majority of horses live in the country. If the owner lives in the city. It costs more for one month of horse boarding then it does to have a vet euthanize the horse and bury it.SO THEY CAN AFFORD IT. They can even have a rendering plant pick up the horse instead of burying it. If there is an occasional person that can PROVE they are in a dire financial situation. Due to losing there job and even running out of unemployment benefits and savings. Then and only then, there could be a government program to help assist in the euthanization process if it is illegal to shoot a gun in the city limits. ( OR the horse could be taken out of the city limits) This situation would be EXTREMELY rare.And it would cost the government (tax payers) a minute fraction,(probably about 1/1000 as much) as the 5 million dollars of tax payer money it costs for the required meat inspectors for a horse slaughter plant. Horse slaughter has not worked to reduce excess horses in 50 years. If it had horse slaughter would have ended for lack of supply of horses.It is time to end it and give this a chance to work. For over 50 years the US has continuously sold on average over 100,000 horses a year for slaughter. If it hasn't helped the unwanted horse situation by now. Its never going to. Because as long as there is a horse slaughter, it GARRENTEIS and creates a endless cycle of over breeding to create a supply of horses to fill the profitable horse slaughter market demand. If it had worked, in 5 years time there would not have been any excess horses available to sell for the slaughter market. Certainly not a sustainable 100,000 plus horses a year. If horse slaughter hasn't worked in over 50 years, don't you think its time we try a new approach.

    • gloria eighmey says:

      Horse slaughter is not a solution for unwanted horses. It is a major CAUSE of (so called )unwanted horses. An obvious main solution to excess and unwanted horses is to stop breading 130,000 to many horses every year that are sold FOR PROFIT to slaughter every year. But as long as there is a profitable market in horse slaughter it doesn't just encourage the over breeding of horses, it GARRENTEIS it. It creates a endless cycle of over breeding to fill the profitable horse slaughter market. 92% of horses slaughtered are young, sound, healthy,and in good condition. It has NOTHING to do with old, starved, unwanted or injured horses. And the WORSE thing is the pro horse slaughter people KNOW all of this! The good ol’ boys are so arrogant, so unaccustomed to challenge, that they think that merely saying something makes it true. Your politicians will do what ever you allow them to get away with. Demand that your politicians address the issues in horse slaughter. Instead of just parroting the pro slaughter propaganda that its needed for the welfare of all the poor unwanted horses. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Regardless of which political party you are in. Or even if you are for horse slaughter but adore the lies told to deceive the people about the real reason for it. Do you really want some one in office with the complete lack of integrity and ethics to be going along with, or telling these pro slaughter lies. Or given the benefit of doubt, some one who is incapable of comprehending the very basic concept of supply and demand that is the economic basis of our our whole country.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oklahoma, congratulations on your progress as a leader in one of the most cruel, despicable industries in the world. Horse slaughter is not humane--from the attitude of horse owners that they are a disposable source of income, to the frightening chaos of auction venues, to the transport of horses in unsafe and grueling conditions to feedlots and the slaughterhouse, to the horrible inadequacy of slaughter methods, to the presence of toxic medications administered to horses throughout their lifetimes, to the deterioration of the communities around slaughterhouse facilities. I urge you to do your homework, allow input from your constituents, and learn to call it what it is--a true abomination, a horrible betrayal of elegant, sensitive animals who have served us cruel humans for centuries. Shame on you!

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