Horse Facilities Handbook Now Available

New version is filled with best information on planning and building facilities for all phases of horse breeding, care and control. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jan 13, 2005

The "Horse Facilities Handbook " (MWPS-60)--a new book from Midwest Plan Service located at Iowa State University -- is now available. It replaces Horse Handbook (MWPS-15) and is filled with the latest facts about planning and constructing facilities for horses—including breeding, care and control.

The new handbook is authored by Extension engineers from Iowa State, Kansas State and Penn State universities, along with the equine specialist at Oklahoma State University. Additional contributions are provided by engineers, animal scientists and horse experts at several other universities.

Topics include site planning; stables; paddocks; outdoor facilities; arenas; training facilities; breeding facilities; environmental control; manure management; bulk feed, bedding storage; fencing; utilities; fire protection; and emergency response planning. The book also features a quick-reference overview of material plus appendixes on common fly species, general construction and wood preservatives.

Easy to read and very useful

An easy-to-use format includes 240, 8 1/2 x 11-inch pages, full-color photographs, tables, references for further reading and a detailed index. Two-color insets and bulleted lists make important facts and figures easily accessible. The text features easy-to-read type and style.

"Well done and very complete," comments Bob Coleman, Extension horse specialist at the University of Kentucky, who read the book prior to publication. Debra J. Hagstrom, equine Extension specialist at the University of Illinois describes the new handbook as "an outstanding one-stop source for relevant and detailed information on all aspects of building a new horse facility or making additions to an existing horse facility."

She also found the book's chapters on site planning and preparation as well as environmental controls to be "especially important" because "these critical issues are often overlooked by horse owners during the design and building process."

Horse Facilities Handbook (MWPS-60) may be ordered from MWPS for $35.00 plus shipping and handling. Volume discounts are available. Orders may be placed on-line at, by e-mail at, by phone at (800) 562-3618 or (515) 294-4337, by fax at (515) 294-9589, or by writing MidWest Plan Service, 122 Davidson Hall, ISU, Ames, IA 50011-3080.

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