Horsch Anderson Introduces Vertical Tillage Tool

Compact disc is designed for use in high residue conditions.

Published on: Aug 6, 2009
Microsoft Word - KS Edited Final Version, Risher, 4-28-09 Horsch Anderson, Andover, S.D., has launched a new shallow tillage tool. The Joker is a compact disc designed for vertical tillage, stubble cultivation, manure incorporation, residue sizing and mixing and seedbed preparation. The unique design allows for use in high residue conditions. The Joker features a heavy frame, 18-inch notched blades mounted in independent pairs, torsion bar blade mounting, oil sealing bearings and a new style packing system for soil firming. It is currently available in widths from 13 to 25 feet with either a three-point or pull-type hitch. Operating speeds of 10+ mph are possible in most conditions. For more information, see www.horschanderson.com or call 605-298-5663. Dealer inquires welcome.

Source: Horsch Anderson