Hone Your Financial Essentials!

Catch this short primer on financial planning designed for farmers.

Published on: Jan 3, 2011

If your plans for retirement or semiretirement are a bit hazy, you've got a lot of company. More importantly, you need to do something about it – no matter what your age.

That's why American Agriculturist is teaming up with N.Y. Farm Net and the J.W. Burns Company of Syracuse to host a special one-hour "Financial Essentials for Farmers" program on Friday, Feb. 25, at New York Farm Show. It starts at 1 p.m. in the Farm and Home Center's Bistro Room.

Thomas Humbert, director of development at J.W. Burns – and a grown up farm kid, will tackle:

  • Financial strategies for preparing for retirement or semi-retirement.
  • Financial planning in these turbulent economic times.
  • Easy ways to begin building nest eggs and investing.
  • Tax-advantaged accounts such as Roth and traditional IRAs