Holt Announces Tractor Winners

Three growers win the use of new Challenger tractors for 50 hours.

Published on: Dec 30, 2009

Attending an Experience the Color Revolution Challenger Road Show event, held by Holt of California, Stockton is paying off nicely for three lucky growers who will all be spending 50 hours in a new Challenger tractor.


Mike Bettencourt of Winton, Tom Stokes of Lodi and Mark Boyd of River Vista, were drawn as winners, and now have the opportunity to demo a Challenger tractor on their own operations.


Holt of California hosted three Experience a Color Revolution Challenger Road Show events this summer in Merced, Stockton and Woodland. Growers attending the events previewed the industry's top-rated machines, including the new Challenger MT600 Series tractors featuring unprecedented technologies that were introduced in February 2009.


"It is a pleasure for Holt of California to provide three of our customers the opportunity to try out this new tractor technology," says Bill George, Ag Sales Manager. "The winners will be able to spend part of a season essentially 'test driving' the tractor on their farms. With their diversified farming operations, these growers will certainly be able to put the tractor to good use."


The events were part of a summer road show designed to bring the latest in tractor technology to America's fields. It showcased the newest models of Challenger high horsepower row crop tractors featuring next generation e3 emissions technology, designed maximize horsepower and fuel efficiency while meeting future EPA emissions demands.


"The road show is an eye-opening experience for agricultural producers because it demonstrates that AGCO Corporation truly listened to farmer requests and built these tractors based on their input," says Rawley Hicks, marketing specialist for high horsepower tractors at AGCO Corp. "And it demonstrates the tremendous investment AGCO has in design and technology to develop the best tractors on the market, as well as the support and commitment the company has to our customers and our dealers."


During the event, growers are able to view the virtual build of the tractor; they watch it come together, from the chassis through the engine, transmission, rear axle, cab and sheet metal.


For more, visit your local Holt of California dealership or www.newfromchallenger.com.